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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Lumia Cyan Update Now Available

Lumia Cyan Update Now Available
Lumia Cyan Update Now Available

Wait no more! Lumia Windows Phone 8 smartphone users. The WP 8.1 OS update and Lumia features upgrade are here with the Lumia Cyan.

The new operating system gives you more room for Live Tiles with the addition of a third column plus you can now use your favorite photo as the background image. In addition, the People Hub now integrates your contacts and social media networks into one place.

Meanwhile, the Action Center now serves as a mini-dashboard, a place where you can access the most commonly used phone settings. This can be activated in one swipe even if your phone is locked or other application is running. Another cool feature is the WiFi Sense, it detects free hotspots around the world and automatically fills up the necessary details for WiFi activation.

Lumia owners can also take advantage of the new Word Flow keyboard for a much faster typing. Just glide your fingers over the letters, then it will detect and correct the words as you do it. Searching anything on your phone (e.g. email, contacts, files) or on the web is a lot easier, just type the keyword and Bing search will do the rest.

Internet Explorer is also updated, particularly its Calendar function. Not only does it show reminders and appointments, but it also gives a glimpse of that day's weather forecast. The Cyan  update also improves the smartphone's already-impressive camera department by bringing in simpler and more intuitive interface You can now send, share and edit photos in just one touch.

Likewise, the Camera Roll can now allow full-resolution zooming, picture re-framing and activation of the Creative Studio 6 (CS6). CS6 can enhance the pictures taken using the phone with the help of filters and image enhancement tools. A selection of photos can then be converted into a short video story via the Storyteller application and shared to various social media platforms.

As for video recording, the output can be adjusted to its best format with the use of its Rich Recording scheme. Sound quality is also improved with its Dolby Plus 5.1 sound system and video quality becomes more crisp with the LivingImages feature. This enables Lumia phones to shoot well despite low-light settings. LivingImages also helps improve video colors and enhance RAW DNG pictures. Meanwhile, the Microsoft Screen Share technology allows you to project content from the phone to a smart TV or a projector.

Phones with the Windows 8.1 OS are ideal companions for business people on-the-go. For starters, Office for Windows Phones allows the editing, saving and sharing of Word, Excel, One Note and PowerPoint files. Users can also use One Drive, Skype and Outlook for communication and file sharing, all of which is digitally signed and encrypted.

The Lumia smartphones can also be customized to access a company's Virtual Private Network. As for real-time functionality, the Sensor SDK Beta allows certain apps and features to use location data and show updates by the minute.

If you are an owner of a Windows Phone 8 Lumia phone, the device would automatically notify you once the software update is available. For more information about the OS update, click here.

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