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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Canon Releases New LV Series Portable Projectors

Canon Releases New LV Series Portable Projectors
Canon Releases New LV Series Portable Projectors

To cater to the rising demand for portable projectors, Canon released five new models under its LV series. These portable projectors use Digital Light Processing technology and can still render wide and crisp projections despite space constraints. 

The LV-WX300 has an effective resolution of 1280x800 and can project a 150-inch image even if it is just 4.85 meters. Even if it is just 1.94 meters from the screen, it can still show a 60-inch image. On the other hand, the LV-X300 has a standard resolution of 1024x768 and can display 150-inch and 60-inch images at a distance of 5.67 meters and 2.27 meters respectively.

Meanwhile the LV-S300 has an SVGA resolution and it shows 60-inch and 150-inch images at 2.27 meters and 5.67 meters respectively. Among the new Canon portable projectors, the LV-WX300ST and the LV-X300ST are the most efficient. The WX300ST can show 120-inch and 70-inch images at 1280x800 resolution from a distance of 1.26 meters and 0.74 meters from the screen.

Likewise, the X300ST can project the same sizes under the same resolution at a distance of 1.48 meters and 0.74 meters respectively. All of the new Canon LV series portable projectors have a maximum brightness of 3000 Lumens to show clear displays even on bright environments. They can also be brought anywhere for they only weigh 2.5-2.8 kilograms and measure 282 x 114.5 x 232 mm.

All five models are equipped with preset modes to suit user specifications. They are also equipped with BrilliantColor technology to render accurate colors via a processing algorithm. Also, the projector’s Screen Color feature helps adjust the image’s colors, especially if the surface is not white. These new Canon projects also use a six-color RGB color wheel in rendering its displays instead of the usual four-color RGB wheel that is used in most DLP projectors.

These Canon projectors also allow users to enjoy 3D content through its DLP-Link system with the help of a 3D Blu-ray player and DLP link 3D glasses. Despite its numerous features, its lamp system makes it an energy-saving and cost-efficient device that does not need air filters anymore. Also, its lamp can be used for up to 6000 hours when in eco-mode.

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