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Friday, September 5, 2014

Five Ways IT Security Experts Can Prevent CEOs from Getting Fired

Five Ways IT Security Experts Can Prevent CEOs from Getting Fired
Five Ways IT Security Experts Can Prevent CEOs from Getting Fired

With the escalating threats to corporate network security, it is highly possible that IT security experts have spent time with their chief executive officer.

With this being a top agenda in business operations, here are ways to impart knowledge to the CEO in order to prevent him from getting fired:

First, these experts have to know everything about systems security like the back of your hand. IT security professionals must have thorough knowledge about the data on their network, where it can be found and why it is important. It is best to gather more details by asking business managers on how employees use the data. This will help the concerned assess security risks better when it occurs.

Next, the effectiveness of the company’s security systems must be measured through analytics and visibility tools. Real-time monitoring must be implemented in order to extract relevant data and comprehensive reports which can help identify loopholes and suggest improvements in the security framework of a business.

Then, conducting a risk assessment would help reveal if the essential materials are adequately protected. This would help conclude whether company assets have enough protection against potential attacks or if the right assets are being protected. Risk can be calculated by multiplying imminent threat with its vulnerability and its impact to the entire operations.

Fourth, a disaster recovery plan and a business continuity protocol must be created even before the threat happens. This will prevent lags in containing the damage and will avert wrong decisions due to lack of the recovery process. If the threat happens, responding fast is the best solution in order to avoid thinking of it like a fire drill.

Lastly, it is beneficial to delegate specific corporate network security roles to make everyone accountable. It is a common mistake that security tasks are bestowed in a general IT department, which might not have the proper knowledge in dealing with it. Therefore, it pays to hire proven IT security professionals and give detailed security responsibilities for each team member.

With this being a sensitive matter, a faulty IT security framework will make the corporate heads roll. However, the measures elaborated above will ensure that the CEO will not get the pink slip.

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