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Friday, October 17, 2014

Android 5.0 is Android "L" as in Lollipop

Android 5.0 is Android "L" as in Lollipop
Android 5.0 is Android "L" as in Lollipop

Google has finally revealed the official name on its Android "L" and it is another sweet treat - Lollipop!

The Lollipop is designed to work on all kinds of displays from phones, tablets, smart wears, TV and even automobiles. With more than 5000 new APIs, developers have tons of ways to create new applications for different devices of different screen sizes.

It also has the ability to pick up where you left off, not only from a single device, but across multiple devices seamlessly with their new approach called Material Design. For example, your recent searches or songs on your Android phone can be immediately shared on your Android tablet with the same look, feel and experience.

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According to Google, the new OS will give you more time on your device and lesser time for charging. They promised that it will extend up to 90 minutes of battery up time.

You also now have more control over your device, you can now allow or restrict certain people, applications or notifications that can get through. In terms of device sharing, it now supports multiple user accounts and have guest mode as well.

To know more awesome features of this latest Android version, you can check the link below.

Source: Android Lollipop

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