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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Smart in Talks with GSMA for Anti-Spam Service

Smart in Talks with GSMA for Anti-Spam Service
Smart in Talks with GSMA for Anti-Spam Service

Smart Communications Incorporated is now in discussions with Groupe Speciale Mobile Association, the top global association of mobile operators, for its reporting service that would boost subscriber protection from spam messages.

When it materializes, customers can easily report spammers to the National Telecommunications Commission, which can then bestow corresponding sanctions for the violating party.

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When the service is approved, SMART subscribers can forward spam messages to the access code 7726 (SPAM). The GSMA anti-spam service is also used by other telecommunications operators like T-Mobile, Sprint, Vodafone, AT&T, and Verizon. Earlier this year, the company also launched an educational campaign, which informs subscribers about the various tactics of scammers. The campaign can be accessed through this website.

The most common complaint among SMART subscribers regarding spamming involves Pasaload or the transfer of load to other users. To address this concern, it is now required to confirm Pasaload requests within 15 minutes before the load is actually transferred.

Likewise, SMART users can report incidents of scamming by calling the *888 hotline or by sending a message to their @smartcares Twitter account. Consequently, same cases can be reported through the NTC OSPAC hotline at 9213521 or via email at

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