Canon PIXMA Ink Efficient E400 Review, Versatile Home Printer

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Canon PIXMA Ink Efficient E400 Review, Versatile Home Printer
Canon PIXMA Ink Efficient E400 Review, Versatile Home Printer


Canon is a multi-national company specialized in optical and imaging devices, their products range from camera, camcorders, medical equipment and computer printers to name a few.

Most consumers first impression about Canon is a high-end brand, this is not completely true. Of course, flagship products require higher investment, but Canon also has lots of very affordable and cost effective offerings. One of them is the latest Canon PIXMA Ink Efficient E400 multifunction inkjet printer.


Canon PIXMA Ink Efficient E400 Review, Versatile Home Printer
Retail Package

The retail package consists of the printer, power cord, black and color cartridges, software  CD, USB cable and paper paraphernalia.

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Canon PIXMA Ink Efficient E400 Review, Versatile Home Printer

At the top you will see the big flap which serves as a cover for the scanner/copier. To its left are several function keys as well as different lights indicating the operational status of the E400.

Canon PIXMA Ink Efficient E400 Review, Versatile Home Printer
Paper Tray

Behind the flap is the paper tray that leans slightly backward in order to stock several  sheets of papers.

Canon PIXMA Ink Efficient E400 Review, Versatile Home Printer
Output Tray

The output tray can be found in the front, the tray can be folded back to the printer or  extended when in use.

Above the tray you will also find the compartment door which gives you  access when clearing paper jams or when it is time to replace the cartridges.

Canon PIXMA Ink Efficient E400 Review, Versatile Home Printer

Meanwhile, the back has a built-in power adaptor similar to most, if not all Canon printers.  This means that all you need is a simple power cable and since this is similar to what we  usually have at home, you do not need to worry even if you misplaced the supplied power  cable.

The PIXMA E400 is a good looking compact home printer, it does not require much space and  weighs only about 3.5 kilograms. Its lightweight body makes it very convenient to be moved  from one place to the other, especially if you do not want to clutter your desk space.


Setting up the printer is very simple and straightforward, even those non-techie user will be  delighted how easy to set it up. After you unbox the printer, insert the ink cartridges,  connect the USB cable to your computer and the power cord to your outlet, then you are good  to go.

Although the most computers will automatically detect the printer and the printer itself has  hardware control buttons, I still recommend installing the CD in order for you to experience  the ease of using the PIXMA 400 with the Canon's intuitive software and user interface.

The software also gives you tons of options for printing and scanning as well as helpful tips  on how to use it and step by step troubleshooting instructions.

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The Canon E400 uses two ink cartridges side by side, the black ink (PG47) and the color ink  (CL57). The former has an SRP of Php325 and can print up to 400 pages while the latter has a  retail price tag of 780 pesos and can print up to 300 sheets. In theory, the PG47 renders  black and white document for about 0.8125 pesos per page. Likewise, the CL57 produces  colored print for Php2.60 per sheet.  When these two inks are combined it would results to  about 1.58 pesos (mixed black and colored) per page.

Printing at home using the E400 is cheaper, the 0.8125 ink cost plus 0.50 paper cost is only  Php1.3125 per page, the 1.58 ink cost plus 0.50 paper cost is only Php2.08 per page and the 2.60 ink  cost plus 0.50 paper cost is only Php3.10 per page for black and white, mixed-type and full  colored document respectively. In comparison with computer shops near our place, it would cost you Php2.00, Php4.00, Php7.00 for the same documents mentioned above. This means that owning the Canon PIXMA E400 is still the best and most affordable solution.

In terms of print quality, it is very good on paper documents, whether black and white or  colored print and can easily match the detailed produced by more expensive printers. The E400  is also optimized for 4-inch by 6-inch or 5-inch by 7-inch photo print on glossy sheets.  Quality wise, it is still neat, however, not as good with the other Canon photo printer.  Meanwhile, print speed may not be the fastest in the market, but it is still pretty decent  able to pull-off black and white document in about 10 seconds.


The Canon PIXMA Ink Efficient E400 is a very versatile home printer, it can print, copy and  scan. For only Php3,695 which already includes black and color ink, it is a very good  investment not to mention cost-effective solution for home and small office use.


Good quality print
Lightweight and compact
Multiple functions


No full page print on glossy paper (can be solved by selecting normal paper)
No wireless printing (Canon PIXMA E460 has it)

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  1. Canon Pixma E400 Inkjet Printer Allow the printer to easily fit into even the smaller spaces and shelves in a home.
    Key Features: Print, Scan, Copy, ISO Standard print speed (A4): up to 4.0ipm (colour) / 8.0ipm (mono).

  2. We've been using canon printer for 4 years. Sometimes nagkakaproblema pero mganda naman po of all the printers we tried :)

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