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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Braven 440 Wireless Speaker Unboxing and Review

Braven 440 Wireless Speaker Unboxing and Review
Braven 440 Wireless Speaker Unboxing and Review


Braven is a well-known consumer audio manufacturer and their products are very unique and versatile, one of which is the Braven 440, a splash-resistant Bluetooth speaker, a speakerphone and an external battery pack.


Unboxing and Hands-on Video

Braven 440 Wireless Speaker Unboxing and Review
Retail Package

The retail package includes the unit, USB cable, auxiliary cable, carrying cord and user manual. To have a better view of the design and the hardware, please kindly watch the video above.


Braven 440 Wireless Speaker Unboxing and Review

The top of the speaker has a large print of Braven logo and has four rubber control buttons, namely power switch, pairing/answer-end call/pause-resume music, volume down/skip back and volume up/skip track.

Braven 440 Wireless Speaker Unboxing and Review
Power/Pairing Status Light

To turn-on, press and hold the power button for about 2 to 3 seconds and to turn it off, just do the same thing. Note that if you left it open for 30 minutes without active connection, it will shut down automatically. To pair with your gadget, look and select Braven 440 from the list of Bluetooth devices, if it asks for a passcode, just enter 0000.

Once paired, you can now start streaming your musics or audios from your gadget. If you use a mobile phone, it can also act as a speakerphone. In terms of output, it is loud enough and it stays clear even if you cranked up the volume.

Braven 440 Wireless Speaker Unboxing and Review
Ports and Buttons

On the back is a large rubber cover, once removed,  it will reveal the battery check button, reset button, charging port, external USB charging port, 3.5mm audio-in jack and the battery indicator lights.

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When you press the battery check button, the LED lights will light up, there are five status lights wherein each one translates to 20% of the remaining battery capacity. Speaking of battery, it has 1400mAh capacity and can last up to 10 to 12 hours of continuous play time.

The battery capacity might be too small to be a power bank, but be reminded that it is just an added function and still useful when your gadget is gasping for life.

Lastly, if your device does not have Bluetooth, you can use the supplied auxiliary cable to listen loudly on your favorite musics.


The Braven 440 is an all-in one device, more than just a Bluetooth wireless speaker it provides more functions being a speakerphone and an external battery pack, not to mention that it is IPX5 certified, which can resist rainfall and splashes of water. As a speaker, it produces rich, clear and loud audio output that hits the usual highs, mids and lows.

It has a retail price tag of Php3,650 and available through leading tech stores nationwide like Astroplus, Beyond the Box and Digital Walker.


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