Globe Implements Monthly Data Caps for Tattoo Home DSL

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Globe Implements Monthly Data Caps for Tattoo Home DSL
Globe Implements Monthly Data Caps for Tattoo Home DSL

A few days ago, Globe Telecom announced an all-new Tattoo Home Broadband plans, wherein subscribers whether new or re-contracting will be offered monthly data caps instead of the currently existing daily caps.

The data caps are ranging from as little as 10GB  for Starter and as much as 500GB for Platinum users. Each plan comes with a built-in entertainment plan (HOOQ, Spotifiy and NB League Pass), free landline, free WiFi modem and unlimited calls to any Globe or TM number. You can check the whole plan offering below.

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Globe Implements Monthly Data Caps for Tattoo Home DSL
Tattoo Home Broadband Details

Meanwhile, below are the old daily data allowance:

  • 3GB for 1Mbps connection
  • 5GB for 2Mbps connection
  • 7GB for 3Mbps connection
  • 10GB for 5Mbps and 7Mbps connections.

As you can see, there is a big difference when it comes to data allowance. For example, if your old connection is 3Mbps, you will have up to 210GB (7GB x 30 days) data allowance, but if you renew your contract, you will only 15GB. This translates to about 195GB difference, provided that you constantly consumed your daily caps.

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Once you used up your data allowance, the connection will be throttled to 64Kbps (unlike old plans wherein it will be temporarily set to 10% of your regular speed). If you do not want your connection to b slow, you can opt for boost for Php50 for 1GB of data, Php200 for 5GB of data or Php300 for 10GB of data.

To be fair, Globe mentioned in their press release that subscribers can still avail the old Plan 899, Plan 999 and Plan 1099 that has unlimited bandwidth allocation. According to them, these plans were never removed  and are still being offered. However, based on our experience, these plans were not offered to us (whether intentional or not) when we applied with our Globe DSL 6 months ago. In addition, the FAQ that you can find on our source link still says that, "The old plans have been phased out and are no longer available."

Once again, this new offerings are for new subscribers only. It will not affect olds users as long as you will not re-contract, upgrade or downgrade your plan.

Source: Globe

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