Marshall Introduces New Headphones and Speakers

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Marshall Introduces New Headphones and Speakers
Marshall Introduces New Headphones and Speakers

Whether you are an audiophile or not, we bet that you know Marshall, an audio company that has been around for about half a century! Recently, they introduced new products in the Philippines.

Marshall has launched a total of four products, namely Mode, Mode EQ, Acton and Woburn, wherein the first two are headphones while the remaining two are speakers.

Marshall Introduces New Headphones and Speakers
Marshall Mode

The Marshall Mode and Marshall Mode EQ are both in-ear headphones with unique design and customized drivers that deliver high-output sound quality and minimal distortion at a small package. The difference between that two is that the EQ has an equalizer switch on the remote, which allows the users to choose from two distinct sound experience. The former retails for Php3,150  while the latter is available for Php4,450.

Marshall Introduces New Headphones and Speakers
Marshall Acton

Meanwhile, the Marshall Acton is an impressive compact stereo speaker with a well-balanced audio that boasts clear mids and extended highs. There are also three analog control buttons, namely volume, bass and treble, which gives you the ability to fine tune it to your desired sound output. It accepts inputs from both 3.5mm jack and Bluetooth v4.0 + EDR. It has a suggested retail price of Php15,950.

Marshall Introduces New Headphones and Speakers
Marshall Woburn

Last, but definitely not the least is the Marshall Woburn. This well-crafted speaker delivers precision sound quality output throughout the entire frequency range. No matter what kind of input you will use (3.5mm, RCA, optical or Bluetooth), it simply makes your music come alive. It is now available for purchase and retails for Php28,500.

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