PhotoFast Launches i-FlashDrive in the Philippines

Anjie lou delos Reyes
PhotoFast Launches i-FlashDrive in the Philippines
Ms. Carol Chen, Vice President of PhotoFast

PhotoFast, a Taiwan based consumer electronics manufacturer that specialized in storage solutions, in partnership with Digits Trading launches in the Philippines the i-FlashDrive.

In total, PhotoFast unveiled three kinds of i-FlashDrive, namely the i-FlashDrive MAX, i-FlashDrive EVO and i-FlashDrive EVO Plus. All these products are related to one another, they are external and portable memory expansion solutions for iOS devices. The one end of the i-FlashDrive has a Lightning jack designed to work with previous and latest models of iPod, iPhone and iPad while the other end is a standard USB 3.0 Type A jack that is compatible with Mac, PC and Linux computers.

PhotoFast Launches i-FlashDrive in the Philippines
PhotoFast i-FlashDrive MAX

Among the three, the EVO Plus has the most unique and sophisticated design, it has a micro USB jack hidden in the USB Type A jack that can be connected and use to all kinds of Android devices that supports USB On-The-Go function. PhotoFast claims that it is the world's first and only cross-platform flash drive wherein user can manage files between iOS and Android devices seamlessly.

The PhotoFast i-FlashDrive can backup contacts, calendars, photos and videos with just one touch and has security features, such as encryption, password and supports Touch ID. It also has the ability to backup contents from social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter through the i-FlashDrive ONE app. In addition, iDevice can access and play supported files stored on the i-FlashDrive like musics and videos.

PhotoFast Launches i-FlashDrive in the Philippines
PhotoFast i-FlashDrive EVO

The i-FlashDrive MAX is available in 32GB, 64GB and 128GB, wherein the first two retail for Php6,490 and Php7,890 respectively. Meanwhile, the i-FlashDrive EVO comes in 8/16/32/64GB storage capacity wherein the last two variants have an SRP of Php5,690 and Php7,990. On the other hand, the i-FlashDrive EVO Plus is available from 8GB to 128GB.

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