Digits Trading Launches Cool Accessories for Summer 2016

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Digits Trading Launches Cool Accessories for Summer 2016
Digits Trading Launches Cool Accessories for Summer 2016

Summer is just around the corner and whether you are spending it overseas, out of town or at the comfort of your home, Digits Trading, the country's leading distributor of gadgets and lifestyle products, has the best tech accessories to take away the heat, dubbed as Cool Gear For Summer 2016.


Let us start with BRAVEN's latest accessories specifically tailored for their ultra-rugged BRV-PRO (Php6,750), an IPX7-certified Bluetooth speaker for outdoor adventure. These accessories are:

  • Action Mount (Php750) - compatible with GoPro and popular action mounts, allowing you to listen to your favorite music no matter where you are
  • Solar Panel (Php2,450) - no available power outlet? No problem! Just attached it to the BRV-BRO and it will harness the power of the sun for unlimited music playback
  • Stacking Plate (Php950) - allows users to stack two or more PRO speakers to boost and amplify the sound to the next level
  • Glow Deck (Php1,450) - a luminous group of LEDs that can light the path as well add appealing visual to your tent or campsite
  • Battery Pack (Php2,450) - the BRV-PRO can play music continuously for 15 hours on a single charge, but if  that is not enough, this accessory can add at least 24 hours more.

Vest Anti-Radiation Bluetooth Headset
Vest Anti-Radiation Bluetooth Headset

Next item on the list is the anti-radiation products from Vest, yes, you read it right! Their range of products drastically reduces Electric and Magnetic Field (EMF) emissions from mobile devices, thus, reducing the potential risks, especially for pregnant women and children.

  • Wired Earphones (Php1,850) - uses a hollow air tube instead of metal wiring, reducing radiation as much as 98%, available in pink, blue, white and black 
  • Bluetooth Headset (Php3,950) - a wireless type of the above, available in black or white
  • Laptop Shield (Php3,450) - made of non-grain oriented silicon steel and high conductivity aluminum to reduce radiation exposure up to 92% while providing utmost comfort through its closed-cell polyethylene foam layer
  • iPhone Cases (6S - Php1,850, 6S+ - Php1,950) - contains high-tech polymers and infused PCB that deflects radiation away from the user, thus, lowering exposure by as much as 89%

Fuse Chicken Titan
Fuse Chicken Titan

Last, but definitely not the least, is the Fuse Chicken, a brand started through a crowdsourcing campaign in Kickstarter. Their products include:

  • Bobine (Php1,950) - the world's most flexible, yet strong iPhone dock not to mention significantly small to fit any bag
  • Bobine Auto (Php2,200) - the most flexible iPhone car dock around the globe, ideal for GPS navigation, audio-streaming and hands-free calling
  • Bobine Watch (Php1,350) - the most flexible Apple Watch dock on earth
  • Titan (Php1,950) - the toughest cable on the planet, it is human proof, pet proof and everything proof
  • Titan Loop (Php1,650) - the world's toughest key chain cable, the last one you will ever need

For more information, you can visit the Digits Trading Facebook page or their Instagram account.

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