PLDT HOME Introduces Speedster Fam Plan 1299

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PLDT HOME Introduces Speedster Fam Plan 1299
PLDT HOME Introduces Speedster Fam Plan 1299

PLDT Home, the leader in fixed broadband, in partnership with Smart Communications, the leader in mobile, unveiled another game-changing breakthrough that allows families to share like never before, introducing the PLDT HOME DSL Speedster Fam Plan 1299.

The PLDT HOME DSL Speedster Fam Plan 1299 is a consumable-based DSL plan that has 50GB monthly volume allowance and blazing speed of up to 10Mbps, which is about five times faster compared to other DSL plan with the same monthly service fee. To enjoy its data sharing feature, subscribers must get a Smart mobile plan for as low as 299 pesos per month, which will conveniently be billed under the same subscription. And oh, did I mention it comes with a free smartphone too?
Subscribers can share 6GB of data, which will be deducted to the 50GB monthly allocation, up to four mobile phone lines. The shared data can be used even outside the home, whichever way they like, such as browsing and streaming, making it ideal for families that wants to stay connected with their loved ones at all times.

In my case, I usually travel a lot, even on weekends and holidays, both because of blogging and the on-call nature of my day job. With this amazing innovation, I can stay online anytime, anywhere at no additional cost, which in turn allows me to communicate constantly with my wife and kids. We can exchange messages, share photos and video clips, talk to each other and get to see one another live via video calls. This is just one example of how we can use this ingenuity to make our lives rich and meaningful. And, if you think about the possibilities, the real-world applications are endless.

Sharing the reliable connection at home is not just about bandwidth, it is about sharing the connection with the people you care and love the most. So go on, give your loved ones the family-sized connection they deserve. Switch to #PLDTHomeDSL now and get 50% off your broadband bill for 1 year. Plus, enjoy FREE Installation and a FREE WiFi Modem – no cash out needed! Visit now. Promo is valid until March 31, 2016.

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