Take Stunning Photography with Starmobile KNIGHT Spectra and KNIGHT Elite

Take Stunning Photography with Starmobile KNIGHT Spectra and KNIGHT Elite
Take Stunning Photography with Starmobile KNIGHT Spectra and KNIGHT Elite

If you're looking to take a trip to the beach this summer, then there's a high chance you'll be taking endless photographs, be it vanity shots or the beautiful landscapes. Now, Starmobile's KNIGHT Spectra and KNIGHT Elite have been the hottest smartphones from the company, with both being capable of taking awesome snapshots through its Star Cam, a cool and unique technology that enables you to refocus images even after shooting. Take beautiful photos in low-light, and even capture the beautiful scenery the Philippines has to offer.

The KNIGHT Spectra features an innovative dual camera setup that lets its users take breathtaking photographs. While it's a great setup and all, you can still step up your snapshot game through 7 of the company's tips in taking summer photographs.

1. Have a Plan, Shoot with Purpose

It's always best when you plan out a strategy before you jump into your business. And when it comes to photography, you can start out by checking out the locations for interesting backgrounds and subjects. Remember where the sun rises and falls to help you get that vibe that you've been looking for.
Pro Tip: Found a beautiful landscape that's worthy to grace your cover photo? Use the Star Cam and the Opti-Zoom to help you take snapshots of subjects even with the distance.

2. Mind the Light

Do remember the photography heavily relies on the lighting conditions, so it is always best if you have an ample source of it.
Pro Tip: You can use the flash when the sun is bright and directly overhead to help with overcast shadows for a more flattering shot.

3. Wait for the "Golden Hour"

There's always that perfect time of day where the lighting condition is perfect for the mood you want to achieve. This is known as the “Golden Hour,” a term that is spot on because this is when reds, purples and, well, gold, colors come out. A more evocative color palette, longer shadows and the juxtaposition of light and dark make for more interesting photographic possibilities.
Pro Tip: Poor lighting conditions? Don't fret! Star Cam's Chroma Flash will do the job here.

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4. Play with Angles

Set yourself snapshots apart from the trend of one-tone photographs that have that same look. It's all about the angle here. Feel free to play around – find a high vantage point for more results.
Pro Tip: If you don't like the onscreen buttons, you can use the volume controls on Starmobile KNIGHT Spectra and KNIGHT Elite for quicker access.

5. Focus on the Eyes

Emotions are more seen through the eyes, so put them in focus to capture their beauty.
Pro Tip: You can ensure this by using the refocus – readjust the focal point after you've taken the shot.

6. Watch Out for Clutter

While your subject is the most important thing in a photograph, it will always be in your best interest to consider what's happening in the background.
Pro Tip: Use the full 13MP resolution so you can crop out any stray offenders without giving up too much image data.

7. Curate Your Shots

Weed out the bad photos and highlight the awesome ones, then curate them for everyone to see.
Pro Tip: Set your Gallery to Grid mode for easy checking.

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