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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Importance of Awareness in the Mobile-first, Cloud-first World

The Importance of Awareness in the Mobile-first, Cloud-first World
The Importance of Awareness in the Mobile-first, Cloud-first World

In the next four years, it's expected that we'll see the jump in data volumes by an astounding 50 times greater than what we have today. That's four billion people with 50 billion devices across the globe, so you can just imagine the data that's being moved on a daily basis.

With that said, this massive data from connected devices will likely make it more challenging for us to protect ourselves from cyber threats as attacks get more complex and the risks become much greater. There are always new threats in the window, and you'll do best to keep yourself protected from the security issues that could plague your experience:

1. Mobile Malware

With mobile devices being an essential in the world today, they have become targets of cyber-criminals and hackers through underlying operating systems and malware-infected applications. According to data, China currently has the highest number of mobile users, and malware in turn will surface in their devices. According to a conducted by Tsinghua University, Microsoft Research, and China's Ministry of Science and Technology, only ¼ of apps in China's local app store are safe. Take into consideration the adoption of mobile payment systems and you'll likely see a surge in hacking activities.

2. Online Extortion and Hacktivism

Microsoft partner TrendMicro sees a rapid growth in online extortion as well as hacktivism this year, with more complex and sophisticated ways in stealing information and controlling your devices. Ransomware, one of the most dangerous types of computer attacks, would be used more frequently by hacktivists in order to encrypt the victim's personal data and extort money out of it.

3. Password Recovery Scams - Spear Phishing and Smishing

Spear phishing is a kind of an e-mail spoofing fraud attempt that targets specific organizations to gain access to confidential information. These types of attack are typically initiated by “random hackers.” However, they are also more likely done for financial gain, trade secrets or military info. It's no longer limited to email, with SMS phishing now also becoming prevalent through password recovery scams.

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A New Approach To Cyber Security

According to Microsoft Chief Executive Satya Nadella, the digital world we live in today requires a new approach on how we can protect our data, and detect as well as respond to security threats that plague the internet. Companies now must evolve from “protect and recover” to a more intensive protection, detection, and response portion that makes use of real-time insights as well as predictive intelligence across networks to stay ahead of these threats.

There is now the need to make full use of the cloud in order to collect and analyze information that will allow us, the end-users, to be informed about these threats. Furthermore, there is also the need for companies to strengthen their security measures, adopt a more modern platform and comprehensive identity and management solutions, as well as to utilize the security features that are offered within the cloud services.

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