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Friday, May 13, 2016

Acer K138ST Short-Throw Projector Announced

Acer K138ST Short-Throw Projector Announced
Acer K138ST Short-Throw Projector Announced

When it's time to relax and you just want to chill in the confines of your home, nothing beats watching the best movies, TV series and events at your spare time. As great and cool as that might sound, you can still top that off by watching them on a much bigger screen. But we're not talking about investing on a larger TV. You have a vast number of options available, and Acer may have just the thing that you're looking for, meet the Acer K138ST.

The Acer K138ST is a short-throw projector that can amp up and revolutionize your movie night habits. It's capable of delivering impressive visual clarity since it's a Digital Light Processing project, which come with more pronounced contrast against Liquid Crystal Display projectors. What's more, the K138ST features LumiSense+ for dynamically optimizing images to deliver ultra-realistic visuals.

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What's more, DLP projects are much more compact and easier to carry around. If you think you have a better place to watch, you can easily transport it without even having the need to strain yourself. All that you need is a 1.7m distance to get that 100-inch screen for the ultimate cinematic experience at home. Get the chips, soda and popcorn and you're good to go.

The Acer K138ST features 800-lumens projection power, WXGA display resolution, and a whopping 30,000 hour LED lamp life to make it last a long while. Furthermore, it even comes with ColorBoost 3D and Color Safe II,which provide more realistic images and beautiful colors.

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Simply put, you don't need to invest in tens of thousands of pesos just to get a bigger screen at your home. You can get it all by thinking smart and practical. And in this case, the Acer K138ST looks like the kind of choice you can make if you want to step up the viewing experience when you're with your friends and family.

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