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Monday, May 16, 2016

Grab Brings GrabCar to the City of Smiles

Grab Brings GrabCar to the City of Smiles
Grab Brings GrabCar to the City of Smiles

Grab, the country's number one car-booking app, has just announced that it is offering GrabCar in Bacolod. GrabCar has established its reputation in the on-demand chauffeured service that gives consumers the beauty and convenience of a private car, but without any of the hassle that comes with it.

Why use GrabCar?

1. Safety - Users can share their ride details with their friends to ensure that they can get to their destinations without any hitch.
2. Convenience – There's no more need for you to drive yourself through the traffic and then find a parking spot whenever you need to.
3. Speed – You don't have to waste time dealing with parking attendants. What's more, GrabCar will take you anywhere you need to go.
4. Fixed Fare – There's no more reason to look anxiously at any meters since you'll know how much your ride costs before riding your car.
5. Assignment Feature – You can get the nearest available driver using the assignment feature.

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How to use GrabCar

1. Book Your Ride – Simply enter your pick up point and drop off location using the GrabCar App.
2. Get a Driver –The assignment feature of the GrabCar app will get you the nearest driver available.
3. Track Your Driver – You can see the driver's details, as well as the localtion and the ETA.
4. Share Your Ride – For your peace of mind, you can let your family and friends know about the details of your ride.

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