Kritika Online Launches in Southeast Asia

Kritika Online Launches in Southeast Asia
Kritika Online Launches in Southeast Asia

Kritika Online has been one of the most popular mobile games to date all thanks to its high-paced battle system and striking character designs. Now, Playpark is set to launch the game in Southeast Asia this May, where it will also see four classes to keep you trying out different play styles that will suit you. It will soon commence its service simultaneously across six countries, namely Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.

The Fastest PC Action RPG of the Year
For the uninitiated, Kritika Online as a 3D multiplayer online role-playing game created by the award winning studio ALL-M. Most of the major publishers around the world have been showing their interest in publishing the MORPG , and Playpark is soon to bring it to Southeast Asia.

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Non-stop Combo Action

Kritika Online Non-Stop Combo
Non-Stop Combo

Kritika Online features a unique and cel-shaded art style, giving it striking visuals for your high-paced entertainment. Hardcore gamers can see the capabilities of their characters with the game's technical combo system to emphasize high-speed, yet precise timing.

Jump into action with four classes:

Kritika Online Four Classes
Four Classes

  • The Violent Brawler is a warrior class character that advances to Burst Breaker, Demon Blade or Raging Berserker.
  • The Nimble Gymnast is a rogue class character that can move up to Cat Acrobat, Crimson Assassin or Mystic Wolf Guardian.
  • The Gun-toting Caster is a mage class character that can evolve to Shadow Mage, Dimension Controller or Freezing Blaster.
  • The Angel of Death is a scyther that can advance to Valkyrie or Blood Fairy class.

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