LG G5 and Friends Hit the Philippines

LG G5 and Friends Hit the Philippines
LG G5 and Friends Hit the Philippines

LG made a stunning show during the Mobile World Congress when last February when it unleashed its latest flagship, the LG G5. The South Korean tech company, however, didn't want to skimp on its release as it has announced not just its flagship, but also its “friends” that step up the people's personal computing experience on mobile. Through these modular features, the G5 managed to bag a record-breaking number of 33 awards at the Oscar's equivalent of the mobile spectrum.

Fast-forward to today and the company finally brings its hotly anticipated device in the country.

Play More with LG G5

Prominent personalities including Phil and James Younghusband, Ginger Conejero and a whole lot more graced the event. Qualcomm Southeast Asia Regional Head Mantosh Malhotra also gave ample praise to the flagship. Doug and Cheska Kramer also showcased the capabilities of the G5's friends through their Rolling Bot video where they demonstrated how it can be used to play with kids and pets.

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Innovative Modular Design and Groundbreaking Camera

The LG G5 is the very first Modular Type smartphone. It's encased in a very sleek metal, aluminum body that also allows its users to swap out batteries. With the LG Friends, the G5 can perform a multitude of features and functions.

The G5 comes with two cameras in the rear. There's one that features the standard 78-degree lens and another one that with 135-degree lens for wide angle shots. The G5 is capable of taking shots that are 1.7 times wider than the competition, and it's also 15-degrees wider than the human eye's field of vision. It's perfect for taking photos of landscape, skyscrapers, and large groups of people.

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LG Friends

LG Rolling Bot
LG Rolling Bot

New to the smartphone industry, the LG G5's modularity features open windows to new innovations, including a wide range of functions that improve one's experience with mobile devices. There are seven of them, and each has their own purpose to serve.

  • LG CAM Plus – a camera module that can be attached to the G5 to make way for convenient controls for the point-and-shoot feel.
  • LG Hi-Fi Plus with B&O PLAY – a portable Hi-Fi DAC audio module to deliver top notch sound quality as compared to the competition.
  • LG 360 VR – lightweight VR goggles that can connect to the G5, simulating a 130-inch TV from two meters away.
  • LG 360 CAM – a compact and standalone camera that can take photos in 360-degree angle.
  • LG Rolling Bot – a companion robot ball that you can control to capture images and videos through its 8MP camera.
  • LG Tone Platinum – a Bluetooth headset that delivers platinum-grade quality even on wireless devices.
  • LG H3 by B&O PLAY – a set of high-end earphones designed to work with the Hi-Fi Plus with B&O Play for maximum sound performance.

Presented with an SRP of Php34,990, the LG G5 is now readily available in the market today, and it is offered in gray, titan, gold and pink colors. 

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