Starmobile Knight Spectra, The First Dual Real Camera Smartphone From A Local Brand

Starmobile Heralds Dual Camera Smartphones in the Local Scene with Knight Spectra
Starmobile Heralds Dual Camera Smartphones in the Local Scene with Knight Spectra

A dual camera setup for smartphone appears to be the future in the spectrum of mobile photography, and manufacturers are now on the race to deliver their own versions of the new technology. Starmobile is the first Filipino tech brand to offer such innovation through its flagship KNIGHT Spectra. But the question remains, why is there so much hype and excitement surrounding this kind of setup?

Two powerful rear cameras are better than one

As the old adage “two is better than one,” it's also applicable to smartphone cameras. Handsets that feature two primary shooters can enable it to take even more impressive snapshots than single camera designs. The two cameras work in harmony to deliver a much faster workflow, take in more light and detail while reducing the noise, and refocus images to change the subject of your snapshots.

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Beautiful photos that you can enhance even further

The handset features an impressive 13 MP camera that can take snapshots with superb colors and rich texture, while another 2 MP camera improves it further with better details, more colors, and automatic distortion correction.

Users can unleash their creativity through the KNIGHT Spectra's features. It arrives with Super ReFocus that makes way for choosing the focal point of your snapshots. Chroma Flash, on the other hand improves the flagship's flash photography by taking two snapshots in quick succession. Meanwhile, its Opti Zoom feature makes it capable of shooting multiple photos at the same time to improve its texture and sharpness even on zoomed-in images.

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Your Money's Worth

The Starmobile KNIGHT Spectra is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 614 chipset with 1.5 GHz octa-core CPU that's paired with 3GB of RAM. It also features dual SIM slots with 4G LTE connectivity, while its 32GB internal storage can also be expanded up to 64GB. Price at Php14,990, the Starmobile KNIGHT marks as one of the most affordable devices that feature a dual camera setup in the market today.

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