LG Announces 2016 TV Line-Up, Best For Home Entertainment

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LG Announces 2016 TV Line-Up, Best For Home Entertainment
LG Announces 2016 TV Line-Up, Best For Home Entertainment

With the release of its latest 2016 TV roster, LG Home Entertainment rolls out its flagship OLED TV, Super UHD TV, Smart TV platform, and Basic and Gaming LED TVs all packed with great updates using its company’s latest TV innovations.

OLED Technology is the Future
The all-new OLED TV combines the best of visual and audio experience that viewers are craving for. For the visual part, they have introduced Dolby Vision HDR, a technology that produces more detailed images with every frame. Thanks to the upgrade, this OLED version can reproduce up to 99% of the DCI – P3 Color Space, a color standard developed by the Digital Cinema Initiative. Vivid new colors now awaits the movie junkies wanting for more dramatic, more realistic cinematic experience even when viewed from any angle.

Meanwhile, for the audio part, LG has partnered up with Harman/Kardon, a company which is a powerhouse in its field. A front-facing soundbar is included in the new 2016 OLED to compliment the outstanding visual with clean and undistorted sounds.

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All these features are compacted in an ultra-thin 2.57 mm OLED panel with a translucent glass back, which LG coined Picture-on-Glass Design.

Super UHD TVs

LG is marketing its UHD TVs with an all-new Super Picture features. With their industry-leading IPS 4k Quantum Display and HDR Super, the Super UHD series are also compatible with Dolby Vision HDR. Their genuine high dynamic range (HDR) technology separates them from the rest as it provides HDR experiences without raising the brightness levels. This will prevent the risk of overheating and light leakage.

New LG webOS 3.0

LG’s operating system for their Smart TV, dubbed LG webOS 3.0 allows for easier and faster interaction for users to access LG’s proprietary features; Magic Zoom, Magic Remote and Magic Mobile Connection. The Magic Zoom feature lets users magnify any portion of the screen without loss of picture quality while the Magic Mobile Connection streams smartphone’s content to the TV screen. Filipino subscribers of Netflix can enjoy over 300 hours of fun and entertainment using their superior LG TVs.

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LG Philippines will also be releasing updates to its Basic and Gaming LED TV line-up, which delivers high picture quality at easy-to-afford price ranges. This LG’s new line-up of TVs is now available on LG stores and partner dealers nationwide.

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