Cherry Mobile Cherry Fit Review; Health Watch

Cherry Mobile Cherry Fit Review; Health Watch
Cherry Mobile Cherry Fit Review; Health Watch


Smartphones have already taken over the world by storm that they’re now practically essentials. Now, while the market is indeed getting stale for quite some time now and only a handful of upgrades focuses on performance, there’s another area of interest that’s currently thriving, and it comes in the form of accessories. Cherry Mobile doesn’t limit its portfolio in mobile devices alone. In fact, the company has been growing its lineup of accessories, and there’s one that happens to be a fitness gadget to help you get on with your daily activities. Meet the Cherry Fit.


Cherry Fit Inclusions
Cherry Fit Inclusions

The Cherry Fit arrives in a very compact packaging. It’s all packed in a square box that gives you all of the important features and functions that are printed around it. Once you take it out, you’ll be greeted with the Cherry Fit itself, an extra earpiece, a micro USB cable, and a manual. Now, the extra earpiece would be a puzzling thing to be included, but in actuality, the Cherry Fit also doubles as a Bluetooth headset. We’ll get to that in a bit.

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Cherry Fit App User-interface
Cherry Fit App User-interface

For starters, you won’t really reap the benefits of the Cherry Fit without its app. You can download it from Google Play – thankfully, it all takes a Google search and you don’t have to download any APK files just to get it started. When that’s done, you’ll be able to sync the Cherry Fit with your smartphone via the app to get you kicked off with the data of your physical activity. Furthermore, the app will be your central hub for most of the controls in your fitness band. This is where you can change a couple of settings such as the date & time, alarm clock, weather push, brightness and so forth. You can also set your own fitness goal and the type of the exercise that you do.


Cherry Fit Build Quality and Design
Cherry Fit Build Quality and Design

The Cherry Fit is a functional device that comes with a minimalistic design. The main piece is made up of the usual plastic, which doesn’t feel cheap due to its brushed metal finish. There’s a button on the side of the device that lets you wake it up and complete a couple of actions. Also, most of the navigations are done through swipes. From telling time to tracking the steps and counting the calories you burned, it’s all there.

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When it comes to accuracy, though, it does record a couple of your activities and register it as steps even when you’re stationary. This is only minimal, though, and most of the numbers are actually generated by your walk. When it comes to the Bluetooth earpiece, it’s pretty functional if you don’t like lashing out your smartphone in public. The audio is pretty clear enough, which should give you accessibility with just a simple process.

As far as the battery life is concerned, the Cherry Fit can last for almost two days on a full charge. Furthermore, charging it is pretty quick, too. While we can’t exactly gauge the limit of charging intake it receives during charging, it can go from zilch to 100% in less than an hour.


The Cherry Fit isn’t trying too hard when it comes to bringing the functionality you need during your physical activities. It does what it’s supposed to, and operations are pretty straightforward as it gets. Sure, there are other alternatives available in the market, but depending on your taste, it’s a tad difficult to choose. At Php3,499, it’s one of the most competitive offerings in the fitness tracking industry as well. With that said, the Cherry Fit shines with its design and core functions, and it’s one fitness gadget that you’d want to wear on your wrist.

Minimalistic design
Doubles as a Bluetooth headset
Fast charging time

Slight misreading on activities
No iOS support

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