The Turing Phone Cadenza is an Insanely Powerful Handset; Packs Two Snapdragon 830, 12GB RAM, 1TB Storage

Turing Phone Cadenza
Turing Phone Cadenza

The battle of hardware specs sheet seems to be brewing despite the mainstream’s call for more features. Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820, Samsung’s Exynos 8890, and MediaTek’s Helio X25, you name it, you’ll find them in supercharged flagship smartphones today. However, a newly announced smartphone by Turing could possibly wipe out the competition in a heartbeat through its insane internals. Meet the Turing Phone Cadenza.

The Turing Phone Cadenza features not one, but two Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 chipsets. That’s yet to be official, but Turing promises they will be inside the handset when it does get unveiled. Furthermore, it also comes with a 60MP quad primary camera with support for the iMAX 6K resolution, as well as two 20MP selfie cameras. It will also feature 12GB of DDR4 RAM, and storage that can go up to 1TB through two 256GB main internal storage and two 256GB micro SD cards. Four nano SIM card slots are also in tow.

Turing Phone Cadenza Hardware Specifications
Turing Phone Cadenza Hardware Specifications

The crazy part doesn’t end there, however. Instead of conventional Li-Ion batteries, the Turing Phone Cadenza will be equipped with 100Wh battery with graphene and hydrogen fuel cells. How’s that for a handset. On the other hand, instead of Android, Turing went with Swordwish OS for the handset for Deep Learning AI. 

Basically, the Turing Phone Cadenza is a super computer that you can fit inside your pockets. Of course, don’t expect it to have a street price on the cheap. With all the insane specifications and features, expect it to cost an arm and a leg.

Source: Android Police

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