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Monday, February 13, 2017

Smart Delivers Country's Highest LTE Download Speed

Smart Delivers Country's Highest LTE Download Speed at 9.17Mbps
Smart Delivers Country's Highest LTE Download Speed at 9.17Mbps

Mobile data speeds in the Philippines have definitely improved through several telco operators' major network investments in the past year, according to J.P. Morgan Securities' latest Asia Network Quality Report for the fourth quarter of 2016.

The latest findings show that from the 7.27Mbps national LTE average posted in the previous quarter, the average LTE download speeds in the country went up to 8.24Mbps in the last quarter of 2016. This is ahead of fellow archipelagic country Indonesia’s LTE average speed of 6.66Mbps for the same period.

The same report, which cited crowd-sourced data gathered by wireless coverage research firm OpenSignal, found that among the Philippine carriers, Smart Communications posted the highest overall LTE download speeds at 9.17Mbps. LTE download speeds across areas ranged from 7.39Mbps in the Visayas to 9.99Mbps in Metro Manila.

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Smart has also taken the lead in NCR for 3G, with download speeds of 2.85Mbps. Currently, the telco provider is striving for a nationwide, 3-year network expansion and overhaul program to improve both its coverage and quality of service, particularly its LTE service.

The major leg is now underway in Metro Manila and in Metro Cebu. Earlier, Smart already completed its network overhaul program in Boracay and Metro Davao.

Initial tests done by Smart shows that the ongoing network rollout in and around Metro Manila has begun to pay off. Rizal province showed LTE download speeds of up to 18Mbps, while selected indoor and outdoor areas in Cebu generated download speeds in excess of 20Mbps.

Smart has also began rolling out its first LTE-A service in April 2016 in preparation for the rise of bandwidth-heavy services using “Carrier Aggregation." It has been initially rolled out in Boracay, and it delivers speeds of more than 100Mbps.

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