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Friday, March 31, 2017

Marshall Introduces Monitor Bluetooth Headphones

Marshall Introduces Monitor Bluetooth Headphones
Marshall Introduces Monitor Bluetooth Headphones

Marshall has finally announced a wireless version of its flagship Monitor headphones, which it calls the Monitor Bluetooth.

A pair of Monitor Bluetooth headphones is pretty much the same with the original Monitor headphones. It only ditched the cable that connects it to media players. Instead, it now connects via Bluetooth aptX technology that offers up to 30 feet of wireless listening range.

The Monitor Bluetooth offers an all-encompassing Hi-Fi sound, coming in black vinyl, with brass accents and embossed Marshall script. It has a collapsible design, with heavy-duty cast metal hinges. Also, it is presented in a canvas carrying case that provides extra protection when you carry it around with you.

On a single charge, Marshall claims that the Monitor Bluetooth can last 30+ hours of wireless play time. Moreover, it comes with a multi-directional knob that lets you conveniently control your music and phone functionality.

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If you intend to share your music, you can do so with the empty 3.5mm socket. Simply plug in the detachable 3.5mm cord that comes with it and connect it to another pair of headphones so you and your friend can listen to the same audio.

Alternatively, if the battery of your Monitor Bluetooth headphones runs out and you still want to listen to music, you can use the 3.5mm cable to connect it to your device. It also comes with a micro-USB charging cable for recharging its batteries.

A pair of Marshall Monitor Bluetooth headphones is priced at USD249 or about Php12.5K in direct peso conversion.

Source: Marshall

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