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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

IDC Announces The Q2 Top Players In The Smartphone Market

Philippines is still at 41% in terms of local vendor share
Philippines is still at 41% in terms of local vendor share

The International Data Corporation's findings show that at least 4 million smartphones were shipped to the Philippines in Q2 of 2017. The data show how the local brands are faring against their Chinese competitors.

The local vendors have struggled against their Chinese counterparts due to the latter's more aggressive marketing strategies. Cherry Mobile and Cloudfone, however, are still holding the fort to represent the local vendors and they are doing really well.

According to IDC Asia/Pacific's Market Analyst for Client Devices, Jerome Dominguez, OPPO and Vivo's approach really made its impact in the PH. He stated:

 OPPO and Vivo disrupted the smartphone retail space through cash-rich marketing, aggressive sales promoter incentives and previously unseen levels of retailer support. This challenged the traditional vendor-dealer relationship smartphone vendors have been accustomed to. Smaller players with less marketing and merchandising budget at their disposal were unable to do so, thus suffering drops in market shares

 It is apparent the OPPO and Vivo does not take marketing lightly. Their presence in malls with their sales team really catches attention and therefore gives more potential for closed deals. Even though the local vendors' market shares went down from 49% last year to 41% this year, they are still going strong against the Chinese competitors compared to other Southeast Asian local vendors.

Dominguez emphasized the importance of great marketing ploys by stating:

As the battle for mind share intensifies, top global and local mobile phone vendors were left with no recourse but to double down on marketing spending to maintain the brand presence. Aside from the tried-and-tested formula of appointing A-list celebrity endorsers and conducting roadshows, new marketing strategies such as co-branding and strategic product placements are being explored by local and global vendors as a means to remain competitive against Chinese vendors

For a more concrete image of the top performers in the smartphone market in the PH, check this list out:

Q2 2017 Top 5 Vendors in the Philippines

1. Cherry Mobile - Cherry Mobile maintained its place at the top with numerous quality yet affordable releases. They want to reach the masses so they market their affordable smartphones to that particular crowd. They also improved their marketing by employing better ad placements, especially on popular noon-time shows.

2. Samsung - Samsung still remains one of the more popular brands in the Philippines. They also went ahead and adjusted their marketing strategy by improving their sales promoter incentives in response to the more aggressive approach of the Chinese brands. Endorsements from popular celebrities goes along way too.

3. OPPO - Partnering with Home Credit really did OPPO a big favor. It allowed them to offer their smartphones to the masses with 0% interest rate without credit card requirements. They also made their presence more known in malls across the Philippines with their sales team.

4. CloudFone - With a partnership with the NBA and PBA, CloudFone's marketing focused on sports events mostly. The volume of their sales came from their cheaply priced yet quality smartphones that can be afforded by the masses easily.

5. Vivo - The growth of Vivo can be highly attributed with to their large presence in malls alongside OPPO. Another factor in their popularity is the endorsement from the NBA Champion Stephen Curry.

 It's great to see that our local vendors are keeping it strong against some big names like Samsung. What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments!

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