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Monday, August 28, 2017

WiFi Dead Spots: A Bane In Everyday Life

WiFi Dead Spots: A Bane In Everyday Life
WiFi Dead Spots: A Bane In Everyday Life

WiFi connection is now a vital part of any home. The ability to connect to the internet without any cables is such a convenience for anyone. However, WiFi dead spots do exist and it is present everywhere.

This is extremely frustrating for any person that experience it. You can be a parent trying to learn a recipe or two, but cannot get a WiFi signal in your kitchen. A student that wants to research in your peaceful room, but sadly you can't. Even I, as a blogger, experienced this and had to relocate in our bustling living room just to get some work done. Why does this happen though?

WiFi distributes the internet connection via radio waves that can easily be blocked or interrupted. Thick walls, metal objects and even a large home can play a huge role with the consistency of your WiFi connection throughout your home. Appliances that emit infrared and microwaves can also play a part in your WiFi connections.

There is no permanent solution in eliminating WiFi dead spots altogether. However, just a few simple things can improve WiFi coverage at home. As simple as moving the router in a centralized position can greatly improve your coverage. You can buy a better and stronger WiFi router, as most, if not all routers given by service providers are less powerful than commercial ones.

If those fail, consider buying a wireless repeater to extend and distribute your WiFi signal. However, doing so degrades the original signal, and as discussed in our previous article, WiFi and internet are two different things. Again, having a strong WiFi signal does not directly equate to fast internet connection. So, if you want to have the latter, and have some spare money to spend, better invest in a WiFi mesh network system.

This problem will always persist wherever there is a WiFi connection. However, you can bolster your connection with the simple workarounds mentioned earlier, and hopefully, will help you enjoy your internet connection to its full potential.

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