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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

10 Features of the iPhone X That Were Already on Android Phones

10 Features of the iPhone X That Were Already on Android Phones
10 Features of the iPhone X That Were Already on Android Phones

The iPhone X was announced very recently by Apple with a myriad of new features that were never on an iPhone before. However, these new features have been around for years now with Android, and in this article we highlight 10 of them.

10 features of the iPhone X that were already on Android phones

1. Bezel-less display - Before Apple went bezel-less with the iPhone X there has been Android phones that were bezel-less way before. Case in point, the Sharp Aquos in 2014 showcased an innovative bezel-less display, which was the first of its kind. Then the Samsung S8 and S8+ made it a mainstream trend and everybody followed suit.

2. OLED  Screen - Before OLED screens were Samsung's trademark. Nowadays, a lot of flagship phones will have a Super AMOLED display as a must-have. It is beautiful, sharp and efficient as well. Now, the iPhone X will also have an OLED Super Retina Display as well wherein I can say "It's about time."

3. Glass Back - Glass backs have been around with Android phones for at least a couple of years now. This is mostly found in flagship phones for the premium feel it brings, but can also be found in low-mid devices. It is such a great aesthetic that Apple took the cue and followed suit with the iPhone X.

4. Water And Dust Resistance - There has been a lot of Android phones that sported some kind of water and dust resistance that I can't list all of them. Recently, the Samsung Note 8 and LG V30 got an IP68 certification that allows them to take a dip in 1.5 meters of water for 30 minutes. The iPhone X has IP67 certification, which means it is waterproof to 1 meter of water for 30 minutes.

5. Gesture Navigation - This feature has been around for multiple iterations of Android now. In addition to that, custom launchers integrate this to their functions as well. Remember when the Google Launcher did not have an app drawer icon? You had to swipe up to access your app drawer. Apple just adapted gesture navigation with iPhone X and it hasn't been an innovative step whatsoever.

6. Face Recognition - FaceID is iPhone X's new security feature. They abandoned TouchID altogether to make way for facial recognition. Now this is a new smartphone security feature, right? Nope. Face Recognition has been around with Android since the Ice Cream Sandwich days and it is called Face Unlock.

7. Dual Rear Cameras - Dual rear cameras is not an Apple innovation. LG and Huawei are some of the pioneering brands who put dual rear cameras in their flagships years before Apple did. It was last year's trend so most of the Android phones out in the market had dual cams.

8. Machine Learning - FaceID is promised to be accurate due to the presence of advanced machine learning according to Apple. However, machine learning has been in Android before Apple's reveal. The Samsung Note 8 also has facial recognition that uses the same aspect as in Apple's FaceID.

9. Augmented Reality - The iPhone X is not the first AR-ready device in the market. Lenovo did it way before Apple with last year's Phab 2 Pro. ASUS also had the Zenfone AR that is AR-ready as well. Apple is far from being the first in providing AR-ready devices.

10. Wireless Charging - The Qi wireless charging capability of the iPhone X is very reminiscent of the LG Revolution back in 2011. Since then Android devices have come a long way with wireless charging and have more Android smartphones that are released to take advantage of such a feature.

There you go. Apple is far from innovative when it comes to new features in a phone. They were just slow in adapting with the times and making it seem like these are new discoveries.

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