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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Previous Flagship Phone

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Previous Flagship Phone
5 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Previous Flagship Phone

Every few months there are a lot of new smartphone releases around the globe. The best ones are the flagship phones from each respective brand. They sport the best specs and latest tech so it really is an upgrade.

However, the previous flagships are still capable so why not opt for them? Most people will say because it is already an older version of the new flagship. But is it really not worth the buy? We will enlighten you why you should buy the previous flagships instead of the new ones right away.

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Previous Flagship Smartphone

1. Prices Go Down - When there is a newly launched flagship, prices for the previous down will surely plummet down. You can get high end specs for a more affordable price. Instead of buying a Php45,000 flagship smartphone, why not opt for a Php25,000 previous flagship and use the excess money elsewhere.

2. Quality Remains The Same - The previous flagship smartphone was the best in that brand's line of phones a few months ago. It has the best camera, display, build quality and more. It is the cream of the crop! That means it really is more than capable for your everyday use, and it can actually hold up to the newer releases.

3. Bugs Are Squashed, Problems Are Mostly Solved - No tech is bug-free or has no problems. However, the previous flagships have a year of usage under its belt, which means that most problems have already been solved. You can have the smoother experience using a previous flagship than a newly released one that most probably have launch day bugs.

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4. It is still a flagship - A previous flagship is still a flagship. Support for its software will continue on for years to come. Accessories are abundant for most previous flagships. Parts for repair will be more readily available. It is still a premium phone.

5. Do you really need the latest flagship? - Do you really need that extra 2GB of RAM? Or that iris scanner? That triple camera setup? Most of these features are marketing ploys to attract you to their newest flagship phones. You can practically do anything that a new flagship do with an older, previously flagship smartphone.

I encourage you to look into buying a previous flagship phone. It is more practical and you are not breaking the bank just for the newest phone that will be considered past generation in a year or less.

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