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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

6 Must-Have Apps You Need to Have on Your Phone

6 Must-Have Apps You Need to Have on Your Phone
6 Must-Have Apps You Need to Have on Your Phone

As if smartphone itself isn’t helpful enough, here are the six quick, functional and easy to use applications that everybody needs on their phone for a more convenient lifestyle.

Here are the perfect apps for travel, leisure, dining, accommodation, and even attractions:

Grab and Uber – The on-demand service vehicle app has grown into a multi-billion peso industry here in the Philippines. For commuters, these transportation technology companies offer a very comfortable and safe ride.  Aren’t we all demanding for that?

Eatigo – Right now, Eatigo is the favorite restaurant reservation app, as it offers 50% discounts on every restaurant as well as free reservation at more than 2,000 restaurants across Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, India, and the Philippines. Through the app, users can look where to eat through the curated categories, which include top 50 restaurants, new restaurants, and “here & now” for nearby restaurants.

Spotify – It allows users to stream music, or browse by parameters such as artist, album, genre, playlist, or recorded label. It provides access to more than 300 million songs, too. Users can enjoy it for free, or subscribe to its premium service.

Netflix – Founded in 1997, Netflix offers a rich library of video content at an affordable price. It is now available in more than 190 countries, delivering a reliable online streaming service.

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AirBnB – If you’re up staycation, AirBnB can help you book your accommodation. Users can choose their location, price range, amenities, and type of accommodation, preferred dates, and number of persons staying. With these in mind, AirBnB will then give users a short list that would match their preferences.

Lalamove – Designed for van hiring, it has now expanded its service to motorcycles and trucks of varying sizes, too. It is available in Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, and numerous cities in Southeast Asia, as well.

With these apps, you’re always in and everything is under control.

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