ZALORA Teams Up With Ayala for Seamless Digital Shopping

Ciara Alarcon
ZALORA Group – Asia’s Online Fashion Destination – has partnered with Ayala Malls to upgrade how consumers shop fashion in the Philippines.

ZALORA Teams Up With Ayala for Seamless Digital Shopping
ZALORA Teams Up With Ayala for Seamless Digital Shopping

As the impact of digital and changing consumers preferences have rapidly evolving across the retail industry, ZALORA and Ayala have announced the initial roll out of their retail partnership.

“This partnership creates a unique opportunity to align the country’s leading commercial mall operator, telecom provider, and consumer bank with the region’s leading online fashion retailer to create a first-of-its-kind retail partnership that focuses on the customer journey. We have very ambitious plans to connect our respective consumer-facing business to create ‘seamless journeys’ for customers in the Philippines and across our markets. The idea is simple – leverage our combined customer facing businesses and our digital capabilities to create a far more connected shopping experience for Filipinos,” ZALORA Group CEO Parker Gundersen said, as he laid out their plans to elevate both parties’ strength in delivering new model for seamless shopping in the region.

Gundersen further explained that the Ayala investment allows ZALORA to accelerate its ambitions as a leading fashion player in the region.

“The initiatives we will partner with Ayala on are only the beginning of ZALORA’s plans in the larger region to broaden our range of offerings on our platform. In the coming months, ZALORA will be rolling out several new value-added services for fashion brands looking to expand in the region through digital. This is a very exciting next step for ZALORA and we are thrilled to have Ayala onboard as a partner for the next exciting evolution of ZALORA in the Philippines, and for ZALORA Group in the region,” he added.

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Through this collaboration, ZALORA and Ayala Malls are reinforcing its seamless shopping strategy to meet the consumers’ growing demand for convenience. The two companies have announced new business models for seamless shopping: Click-and-Connect, Click-and-Mortar Pop-Up Store, and Ayala Malls Digital Christmas Gift Guide on ZALORA.

Meanwhile, ZALORA has revealed that the investment from Ayala provides them a powerful strategic partner in the country and funding to speed up growth plans in the region.

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