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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Acer Celebrates 15 Years of Partnership with ePinnacle Awards 2018

Acer Philippines celebrates 15 years with their key partners at its annual ePinnacle Awards. They want to show their appreciation and thanks for their support.

Acer Celebrates 15 Years of Partnership with ePinnacle Awards 2018
Acer Celebrates 15 Years of Partnership with ePinnacle Awards 2018

From 2003 to 2017, Acer Philippines have grown so much thanks to the business partners that helped them. Acer Philippines' revenue has grown 50 times compared to their early years.

Manuel Wong, Managing Director of Acer Philippines Inc., stated this:

This celebration coincides with Acer's ninth year as the country's number one PC vendor and 12th year as number one notebook vendor. We wouldn't be enjoying this success and the trust of Filipinos without the support of our partners and distributors.

He also added this:

The support of our friends has added to our passion and empowered our strong resolve to open up new possibilities for our consumers and business partners alike through a synthesis of our hardware, software, and services. Our partnership has allowed us to mutually prosper so much that it has given us the wonderful opportunity of giving back.

They also acknowledged their partner in Corporate Social Responisbility, GreenEarth Foundation. Since 2011, Acer and has been working with GreenEarth Foundation, which is a non-government organization that aims to restore and protect the forests at Sierra Madre. In addition to that, they also help the communities that live in the area. Their partnership, restored 8,000 trees in the region in the span of 6 years.

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GreenEarth and Acer also helped Romnick Blance who is a farmer's son and is one of the beneficiaries of the organization. He has now accepted a full scholarship from Harvard College. To help him further, Acer provided him with a Notebook PC for his studies abroad.

Wong, stated this about Romnick's success:

Romnick is only the first fruit of this special tie-up. We continue to pursue our commitment as a company until more young people like him have great opportunities opened to them. And with partners like you, we are confident this is a reality we will be witnessing in the many years to come.

The ePinnacle Awards saw 46 partners warded that evening on the following categories:

  • Acer Provider Awards
  • Marketing Awards
  • Associate Partner Awards
  • Commercial Partner Awards
  • Consumer Partner Awards
  • Acer Distributor Awards
  • Partner of the Year Awards

Lastly, Wong said this about what is in store for Acer Philippines:

Through tonight’s celebration, we opened the year strong. Together with our partners, Acer Philippines will continue its legacy of providing the best quality tools and break the barriers between people and technology. Filipinos should get ready to see and experience the exciting things we have in store for them because the best is yet to come.

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