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Friday, February 2, 2018

Globe Tightens Security Process in Change SIM Requests

As smartphones become more prevalent in the Philippines more Filipinos choose to do their transactions online such as banking, shopping and booking trips.

Globe Tightens Security Process in Change SIM Requests
Globe Tightens Security Process in Change SIM Requests

Mobile numbers are usually linked to most their accounts which makes them more vulnerable to fraud and identity theft. Recently, fraudulent SIM swap complaints have been on the rise with fraudsters getting more crafty in beating the verification process.

Globe Telecom is doing all it can to fight these fraudsters to protect their clients. Due to the alarming number of identity theft involving change of SIM cards, Globe has reviewed and tightened their Change SIM Process. They are now utilizing more precautions and implemented stricter controls to protect the data and information of their customers.

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SIM cards now may contain more personal data which makes it a very enticing target for this fraudulent people. They can go to a Globe store and request to re-activate and replace a SIM card while pretending to own it. They will then give a story of how they lost or damaged it and need it back. Using this new SIM card, the fraudster can access the real owner's bank accounts, credit card numbers and other private information.

Atty, Friolan Castelo, Globe's General Counsel, stated this:

Globe assures its customers that their personal data is protected. This is why we have instituted tighter security measures when it comes to Change SIM requests. The process now has a more rigorous verification process to ensure that the request is legitimate and that the new SIM is really owned by the customer who requested for it.

Now, for requests involving replacement of lost/damaged SIM card, Globe will offer the option to replace the old SIM with a new one with a new number. However, if the customer wants to retain his old number, the process is longer but more secure. The customer will need to present proof of ownership that includes the following:

The Old SIM card (if available)
The SIM card bed
G-Cash Card if registered

After all the security checks are done, the replacement SIM will be released after 24 hours.

The strengthened process includes a checking system that utilizes existing CRM or network information and verification tools. In line with the National Data Privacy Commission, Globe also requires filled out CSIM Request forms and mandatory CRM Notes to document requests. There will also be a post-checking Q&A to customers who files for the CSIM Requests. There are Guidelines for Verfication Questions are also in place to limit allowable incorrect answers.

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