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Friday, March 9, 2018

Epson Reinvents Workplace with Smart Solutions

Epson looks to improve workplaces by providing new and efficient smart solutions. They showcased them in a tour covering Metro Manila, Naga City and Baguio.

Epson Reinvents Workplace with Smart Solutions
Epson Reinvents Workplace with Smart Solutions

The Epson Solutions and Technology showcase entitled "Our Innovation Story" aims to show the collective effort by Epson in terms of technological innovation in terms of print, scan, label, projection and wearable solutions.

Epson wants to provide solutions that can optimize end-user ecosystem across five areas including sales operations, marketing, finance, training and logistics. They showed products and solutions that are manufactured through the company's own proprietary tech.

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Epson also wants to show how their Smart Solutions be easily integrated across different environments and scenarios to get process improvements, promote collaborations and maximize productivity.

Here are the 5 major areas that Epson emphasized on the showcase:

  • Sales Operations Department Solutions - Queuing, Self-Service Payment, Mobile POS, Digital Signage via Projectors, Smart Glasses

  • Marketing Department Solutions - Direct Annotation, Print via Interactive Projectors and BIJ printer, Color Proofing and Digitak Printing Onsite with LFP

  • Training Department Solutions - Remote Training and tiling via Interactive Projector and camera, High Resolution laser projection with elbow lens

  • Finance Department Solutions - Small workgroup secure printing with RIPs, digital document archival and label printer for asset tagging

  • Logistics Department Solutions - Use of ColorWorks to create digital color labels on-demand; reduction in cost and increased customization, while meeting GHS requirements. Use of smart glasses to improve pick-list process and overall picking accuracy.

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