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Saturday, March 10, 2018

Netflix PH to Launch Mobile Previews

Netflix PH wants to improve the personalized and discovery features it has. Just like the TV counterpart, Netflix Mobile will be adding mobile previews.

Netflix PH to Launch Mobile Previews
Netflix PH to Launch Mobile Previews

The Netflix Video Previews feature was introduced to the Netflix TV UI in late 2016. This allows the users to watch a sneak peak of the show they are currently checking out. This helps them discover great content that suits their taste faster.

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In the coming months, Netflix PH looks to launch a mobile version of that. They are going to start the roll out of the feature to iOS users first and then on the Android ecosystem soon after. Mobile previews are designed for people watching Netflix on-the-go so that they can use their time discovering new content.

The mobile previews will be presented vertically so that there is no need for the users to turn their phones. This is quicker and easier for the user-base according to Netflix. Mobile previews are also going to be personalized based on what you watched over time. This is to help the members see shows and movies of their taste/

Netflix said that their Mobile Team has been on this project for over a year and did a lot of testing before deciding to release it. They took into account the screen size and the active lifestyle of their mobile members.

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