Fortinet’s Fortigate IPS 3000D, IPS 7060E Receive Recommended Rating in NSS Labs Test Report

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Fortinet has revealed the results of NSS Labs’ Annual Data Center Intrusion Prevention System test report, where its Fortigate IPS 3000D and Fortigate IPS 7060E both received a recommended rating.

Fortinet’s Fortigate IPS 3000D, IPS 7060E Receive Recommended Rating in NSS Labs Test Report
Fortinet’s Fortigate IPS 3000D, IPS 7060E Receive Recommended Rating in NSS Labs Test Report

As a global leader in broad, integrated and automated cybersecurity solutions, the company eyes to offer high throughput and granular security needed for today’s elastic and distributed data centers via Fortigate solutions.

Aside from this, Fortinet noted that Fortigate IPS appliances are capable of meeting critical network performance demands without compromising the need for comprehensive data center security.

“Before investing in Network Security equipment, we always recommend that customers test according to their specific environment. For many organizations, however, that is simply not possible. Which is why we are so committed to third party testing. But for those tests to be valuable, they need to reflect real world requirements. Because Data Center IPS plays such a critical role in protecting applications, it’s important that any security product testing addresses security effectiveness as well as performance. The latest DC IPS Group Test report from NSS Labs shows that not all vendors perform the same when it comes to these parameters. Fortinet is pleased to have received this hard earned recommended rating, building on its prior recommendation for Next Generation Firewall and Data Center Security Gateway,” Fortinet Senior Vice President, Products and Solutions, John Maddison addressed.

NSS Labs Test Report
NSS Labs Test Report

The report has revealed that the Fortigate IPS 3000D delivered the highest combination of Security Effectiveness and Value per protected Megabit Per Second (Mbps) in the NSS Labs Security Value Map (SVM) for Data Center Intrusion Prevention Systems (DCIPS).

Demonstrated to exceed the IPS throughput guaranteed in its data sheet, the Fortigate IPS 3000D was also able to block 98.73% of exploits and 100% of evasions.

“NSS Labs is focused on empowering enterprises to make informed decisions based on independent real-world testing results. We applaud Fortinet's years of consistent commitment to third party testing. Fortinet's Recommended rating in our 2018 DCIPS Group Test makes them a great option for any business looking to strengthen their data center security architecture,” NSS Labs Chied Executive Officer Vikram Phatak.

Moreover, NSS Labs’ Data Center IPS report delivers the industry’s most comprehensive test results for effectiveness and performance for security appliances. This helps consumers to evaluate and select the best solutions for their data center environments.

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