Smart 5CC LTE-A Speed Reaches 558Mbps

Matthew Cuyugan
Smart Communications began testing the 5CC (five-component carrier) aggregation in Metro Manila, starting in Marikina City to boost the speed of LTE-A smartphones that achieves more than 500 Mbps.

Smart 5CC LTE-A Speed Reaches 558Mbps
Smart 5CC LTE-A Speed Reaches 558Mbps

To recall, the LTE-A remains the fastest wireless mobile technology in the Philippines today, as 5G is not yet implemented. Smart became the first mobile operator to establish the LTE-A in the country last April 2016 in Boracay Island, Aklan. As of this moment, most of the LTE-A handsets are found in high-end smartphones, indicating the "4G+" at the quick toggle section in Android, besides, in iOS devices, "LTE" is the indicator.

“Our LTE-A deployment proves that we have a network that’s capable of providing unprecedented data speeds and world-class internet quality, and has enough capacity to efficiently meet the rapidly rising mobile data traffic,” according to Mario G. Tamayo, senior vice president for network planning and engineering at PLDT and Smart.

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One of the most major features of LTE-A is the Carrier aggregation (CA), that allows the mobile network operators to incorporate a number of distinct LTE carriers. It allows them to grow the peak user data rates and overall capacity of their networks.

“Along with our commitment to roll out LTE-A nationwide, more LTE-A capable devices in the hands of more users is the other half of the key that will lift the mobile data speeds in the country, and put the Philippines at par with the likes of Singapore and South Korea,” added Tamayo.

Also, Smart uses the 4x4 Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) in its network that offers a cost-efficient and smart approach for a capacity increase in mobile networks., and 256 QAM, that provides benefits to network performance that affect both the operator and the consumer, especially in devices with poor signal quality.

PLDT - the Smart's parent company has committed on a full support for this network transmission. The company's capital expenditures attained P40 billion last 2017 and is forecast to reach P58 billion this year.

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