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Friday, April 13, 2018

Smart Tops PH’s LTE Network – OpenSignal

Smart Communications, Inc. is acknowledged by OpenSignal for having the Philippines’ fastest LTE network, as it dominated the country's network providers in terms of 4G download speed, overall download speed, 4G latency, and 3G latency according to its March 2018 report.

Smart Tops PH’s LTE Network – OpenSignal
Smart Tops PH’s LTE Network – OpenSignal

For the third time, OpenSignal cited that Smart LTE speeds outperformed its rival with download speeds of 12.5Mbps compared to its competition’s 7.69Mbps.

“As their trusted digital partner, we understand how speed makes a huge difference in the life of our customers, whether it’s for their increasingly mobile careers and businesses or for their entertainment needs,” Eric R. Alberto, PLDT Group Chief Revenue Officer, addressed. “These OpenSignal citations are proof that we are making great strides toward our goal of giving Filipinos a world-class mobile internet experience that keeps up with their fast-paced lifestyle.”

OpenSignal’s recent report also revealed that Smart LTE speeds lead across all measured areas, including in National Capital Region (13.04Mbps vs 8.57Mbps), North Central Luzon (11.59Mbps vs 6.34Mbps), South Luzon (11.66Mbps vs 7.03Mbps), Visayas (13.49Mbps vs 7.37Mbps), and Mindanao (14.42Mbps vs 7.38Mbps).

Overall, Smart download speed average in the country at 5.8Mbps versus its rival’s 4.4Mbps.

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In addition, Smart’s 3G latency or the amount of time a data is exchanged through the network also faster at 154.64ms, compared to its competitions’s 174.98ms.

Meanwhile, the telco giant noted that it is accelerating its deployment of LTE-Advanced (LTE-A) to offer bigger bandwidth and faster data speeds to mobile phone users.

“With our ongoing roll-out of LTE and LTE-Advanced to more areas, we are on track to meet our commitment to the National Telecommunications Commission to achieve 90% municipality coverage for 3G and 4G mobile broadband by the end of this year,” Mario G. Tamayo, PLDT and Smart Senior Vice President for Network Planning and Engineering, said.

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