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Monday, January 20, 2020

Globe GoSURF50 Now with 5GB of Data and Unli All Net Texts; Still for Only 50 Pesos

Globe Telecom bigger-than-ever GoSURF and GoSAKTO promos now come with additional more data for Globe Prepaid subscribers to enjoy more time watching videos online with their favorite streaming apps and play a lot more online games without worrying about overspending.

Globe GoSURF50 Now with 6GB of Data and Unli All Net Texts; Still for Only 50 Pesos
Globe GoSURF50 Now with 6GB of Data and Unli All Net Texts; Still for Only 50 Pesos

Globe Prepaid customers who register to GoSURF50 will have free 1GB of data daily for GoSHARE&SHOP, GoWATCH&PLAY or GoLIVE&DISCOVER, while those who will register to GoSURF299, GoSURF599, GoSURF999, GoSURF1299, GoSURF1999, and GoSURF2499, will have free 10GB of data for GoSHARE&SHOP, GoWATCH&PLAY or GoLIVE&DISCOVER with the same validity of the registered promo. All GoSURF promos also come with free 1GB GoWiFi access.

Meanwhile, those who will register to GOTSCOMBODD70, GOTSCOMBODD90, GoSAKTO70, GoSAKTO90, GoSAKTO120 or GoSAKTO140, will receive an additional 1GB of free data daily for GoSHARE&SHOP and GoWATCH&PLAY, with the same validity as their registered promo, as well as free 1GB or 2GB GoWiFi access depending on the promo.

This means that if you subscribe to this Go SURF 50 Globe Prepaid Promo, you will have a total of 5GB of data that you can consume within the validity period. That is 1GB of regular data + 1GB of GoWiFi Access + 3GB (1GB per day for 3 days) of free data for GoSHARE&SHOP, GoWATCH&PLAY or GoLIVE&DISCOVER depending on your choice.

If you are following our site, the Go SURF 50 comes with a total of 6GB of data before, meaning the total data now is 1GB lower than before. And, if you are wondering what was removed, it was the free 1GB for an app of your choice.

Previously, the GoSURF 50 also comes with FREE unlimited texts to all networks, which is quite great if your friends and family are on the Smart, TNT, or Sun. But, this time around, the Globe SoSURF page,, does not show that. However, we tried sending SMS to Smart and SUN numbers, and both our texts were received on the other end.

The main difference of this offer on the previous one is that Globe Prepaid removed the free 2GB GoWATCH & PLAY of data. And, replaced it with 1GB of free data per day for GoSHARE&SHOP, GoWATCH&PLAY or GoLIVE&DISCOVER for GoSURF promos, or 1GB of free data per day for GoSHARE&SHOP + GoWATCH&PLAY for other promos. For us, this is a welcome change, because 1GB data per day means more, for example, the GoSURF50 now has a total of 5GB of data within the validity period.

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There are a whole lot more to your streams and gameplays when you have bigger data. To be specific, here are the things that you can enjoy with your additional free 1GB of data daily:
  • GoWATCH and GoPLAY free data can be used for YouTube, Netflix, iWant, Viu, iflix, NBA, HOOQ, ONE, Mobile Legends, Arena of Valor, Rules of Survival, Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Free Fire, and PUBG Mobile.
  • GoSHARE and GoSHOP can be used for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Shopee, and Zalora.
  • GoLIVE and GoDISCOVER data can be used for Grab, Google Maps, Waze, Wikipedia, and Tik Tok.

If you want to learn more about Globe GoWATCH and PLAY, you may visit

The data that will be consumed to access the above-mentioned apps, games, and sites will be deducted to the free 1GB data, while browsing the web and performing other things will count towards the regular MBs of your GoSURF or any of your GoSAKTO subscriptions.

“The digital Filipino youth has various passions and obsessions. As purveyors of the Filipino's digital lifestyle, Globe knows that they need access to a wide breadth of content in order to pursue these passions. Because of this, we're proud to offer additional GBs for customers to GoWATCH and PLAY for free on top their favorite Globe surfing promos. More than the sizable data allocation they get for free, customers can enjoy access to a wide array of video and gaming apps and sites. Along with our powerful LTE network, only Globe gives you unstoppable access to enjoy all the things you love,” said Issa Cabreira, Senior Vice President-Head of Consumer Mobile Marketing.

To be honest, this is a great promo, and I am personally using this Globe Go SURF 50, as consumers will have more data to enjoy what they love to do on the go. How about you? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. Are you using the same promo, or you have better tricks with you?

To register, text the desired keyword promo to 8080, for example, for GoSURF50 key in GoSURF 50. You can also dial *143# and choose your desired promo from the options given.

GOSURF50 Promo Details:

  • 1GB of open access data
  • 1GB of free GoWiFi access
  • 3GB of free data (1GB per daily for 3 days) for GoSHARE&SHOP, GoWATCH&PLAY or GoLIVE&DISCOVER
  • 1GB of free data for the app of your choice (Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, Twitter, Viber, SnapChat, TikTok, YouTube & Daily Motion, Mobile Legends, PUBG, AOV & other games)
  • Unlimited texts to all networks (to be confirmed)
  • Cost: 50 pesos
  • Validity: 3 days

To Register to GOSURF50: Text the keyword GOSURF50 and send to 8080
To Check GOSURF50 Status: Text GOSURF STATUS and send to 8080
To Extend GOSURF50 for Additional 1 More Day for Only 5 Pesos: Text GS EXTEND and send to 8080

To claim the FREE 1GB daily:

  • For GoWATCH and PLAY, text GS50 WNP and send to 8080
  • For GoSHARE and SHOP, text GS50 SNS and send to 8080
  • For GoLIVE and DISCOVER, text GS50 LND and send to 8080

To claim the FREE 1GB Globe GoWiFi Access:

  • Look for GoWiFi areas like malls, coffee shops, LRT stations, and connect to @GoSurf_FreeWiFi using a WiFi-enabled device such as your smartphone, tablet, or even a laptop. 
  • Then enter your mobile number to receive a one-time PIN via SMS. 
  • After you encode that PIN, you can now enjoy your 1GB Free GoWiFi that has the same validity as your GoSURF subscription.

For more info about GoWiFi visit

This article was originally posted on May 18, 2018, and was updated on July 11, 2019, to include the Free 1GB GoWiFi access that comes along with the GoSURF50, 299, 599, 999, 1299, 1999 and 2499 subscriptions. Moreover, it was updated again on October 8, 2019, to add additional information about Globe GoSURF, Globe GoSAKTO, and Globe GoWATCH and PLAY.

This article was revised on November 13, 2019, to include relevant and valid information. One of which is the removal of free 2GB data for GoWATCH & PLAY, and its 1GB of data replacement.

This post was updated last January 20, 2020, due to the new free data offers for GoSURF and GoSAKTO. In addition, the below lines were removed as they no longer part of the GoSURF promo.

To Claim the 1GB For an App of your Choice:
  • For Facebook, text GS50 FB and send to 8080
  • For Games (ML, AOV, PUBG, and more), text GS50 GAMES and send to 8080
  • For YouTube & Daily Motion, text GS50 VIDEO and send to 8080
  • For Instagram, text GS50 IG and send to 8080
  • For Spotify, text GS50 SPOTIFY and send to 8080
  • For Twitter, text GS50 TWITTER and send to 8080
  • For Viber, text GS50 VIBER and send to 8080
  • For Snapchat, text GS50 SNAPCHAT and send to 8080
  • For TikTok, text GS50 TIKTOK and send to 8080

To Check GOSURF50 Freebie Status: Text GS50 "Freebie Keyword" STATUS and send to 8080
Example: Text GS50 FB STATUS and send to 8080

For more details, text WNP INFO to 8080 or visit


For those who reach this page searching for gosakto50 or gosakto 50, we are sorry to say that no such promo exists with Globe Prepaid. The most affordable GoSAKTO promo we know is Globe GoSAKTO70 with 1GB of open access data, free 2GB GoWATCH & PLAY, and unlimited texts to all networks valid for 7 days.

The same is true for those gotscombodd50 or gotscombodd 50 or gotscombo 50, the cheapest one we know for this prepaid promo costs 70 pesos, which is the GotsComboDD70, and the other one is the GotsComboDD90 that costs 90 pesos. However, the GotsComboDD 70 is now the new Globe GoSAKTO70 with 9GB of Data and Unli All Net Texts Valid for 7 Days, Still for Only 70 Pesos, and GotsComboDD 90 is now the new Globe GoEXTRA90 with 10GB of Data, Unli Calls and Unli Texts Valid for 7 Day for Only 90 Pesos

By the way, we made a list of globe prepaid promos for 2019, and you can read it at

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