GoBear's Four Pillars of Financial Health

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GoBear Philippines simplifies the search, comparison, and selection of insurance products and personal finance. Before, choosing insurance products or personal financial products was not easy, and it's very time to consume and often contained undue obstacles.

GoBear's Four Pillars of Financial Health
GoBear's Four Pillars of Financial Health

GoBear points out four important factors of financial health that we really need.

1. Insurance

Life is risky and that's why insurance is born. There are many types of insurance available on the market. One of these is the Car Insurance, which is honestly very crucial. If you have a car or an expensive car, you may need to buy insurance for it. This helps you to protect from financial losses in the event of a car accident. These can happen unexpectedly and unpredictably. Therefore, you need to be prepared for it, even if you are a careful driver. In addition to the accident, car insurance will also be responsible if your vehicle is stolen or damaged.

On the other hand, travel insurance is a policy for foreign travel. Travel insurance covers the risks of travel such as delays, cancellations, or includes the loss of important documents, property or health on your itinerary. It is usually applied on a voyage, valid for the duration of your travel, and is often referred to as a "safe ticket" that covers the risks of travel, baggage, and travel. It even lives when you travel or work abroad.

2. Credit Cards

Credit cards of this era have become a modern payment method used by many people, which is very quickly and conveniently. However, to own a card that has many benefits, you need to spend the time to learn about the characteristics of each card to avoid the wrong choice. By no credit card is best in every case, or for everyone. Only by understanding your needs can you find the card that best suits your spending habits and financial situation.

Using the GoBear comparison tool will find you the right card by filling in your spending habits and monthly income.

3. Loans

Today, demand for loans is becoming more and more common. However, most people still do not have a comprehensive information on the available credit packages available for comparison and selection, with varying interest rates and requirements.

4. Savings

A savings account is one of the most basic products of the bank. You deposit money into your bank account to use for your daily payment needs without using cash. With a savings account, your spending is safer and more secure when using cash.

Besides, time deposit is high security, ensuring the amount and interest you receive at the end of the deposit period.

According to GoBear Country Director Rommel Torres, "it all lies in maintaining a good credit score, which can be easily done by balancing all the factors in the quad - insurance, credit cards, loans, and savings."

So there you go. In GoBear, they simply offer our consumers a free and transparent comparison process based on their financial needs, and not influenced by service providers’ commissions or advertising. The result is a user-friendly experience that empowers the users to make better-informed decisions efficiently, saving both time and money.

To learn more, visit https://www.gobear.com/ph

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