Upgrade your Business with Converge Microbiz

Carmel Miguel
Faster internet connection has become even more critical for businesses now that digital transformation became the trend. For business owners looking for a stable and faster connection, Converge Microbiz might just be what you’re looking for.

Upgrade your Business with Converge Microbiz
Upgrade your Business with Converge Microbiz

Ideal for small businesses, Converge Microbiz runs on end-to-end fiber internet with plans starting at Php2,000 with up to 25Mbps speeds and no data cap. Here’s a quick rundown of what Converge Microbiz has in store to aid in bolstering businesses.

Pure Fiber Internet Plans for Premium Business Connectivity:
  • MicroBIZ 2000 with 25 Mbps burst seed and P2000 Monthly Service Fee
  • MicroBIZ 3000 with 50 Mbps burst speed and P3000 Monthly Service Fee

The MicroBIZ 2000 and MicroBIZ 3000 internet plans both have an installation fee of Php2,500 with a lock-in period of 24 months. These plans also guarantee 30% of minimum speed and 80% service reliability.

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Converge also offers the Power Plus Package, an internet plan with Linksys routers, and the Protect Plus Package with high definition CCTV cameras that operates on Converge ICT’s pure fiber network.

Power Plus Package:
  • Linksys EA 6350 +P299/month
  • Linksys EA 7500 +P599/month
Protect Plus Package:
  • FiberScope Single +P199/month
  • FiberScope Group +P740/month
For those interested to avail any of these plans, you’ll have to present a number of requirements, including a fully-accomplished application form, proof of identity, BIR or Certificate of Registration, and a business or DTI permit.

For details, call Converge ICT at (02) 6670848, visit their website (www.convergeict.com), or follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (convergeofficial).

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