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Friday, July 20, 2018

9 Reasons That Make Filipinos The Best Remote Workers

Philippines is known for being one of the best outsourcing destinations in the world. Through years of exposure in the work-from-home industry, Filipinos have the key to a successful work output. The employers have seen nine distinct characteristics that made Filipinos the best remote workers.

9 Reasons That Make Filipinos The Best Remote Workers
9 Reasons That Make Filipinos The Best Remote Workers

1. Reliability
Outsourcing is a business strategy that could lessen the labor cost of the company, however, it could incur additional cost if the outsourced workers haven’t met the standards. Filipino workers are known for being reliable even they are working with minimal supervision. Employers could be rest assured that Filipinos could be trustworthy when it comes to the quality of the work and meeting the deadlines. The time zone could differ; however, Filipinos are prepared to work on graveyard shift just to do the job.

2. Communication Skills
Communication is the key to an effective team. Workers should always keep their employers updated about the work progress, even if they are working on the opposite sides of the world. Filipino are great with their communication skills. They would have exhausted all resources just to come to work when they deal with natural calamities. They will always communicate what the employers must know.

3. Overachievers
Filipinos will go beyond what the employers expect. Working long hours have been just an ordinary thing in the Philippines, hence, Filipinos are willing to give more time just to produce the best output. They are versatile and have the eagerness to learn and adapt new skills in every work they do. Which is why they grow as the company grows.

4. English Proficiency
English proficiency is very important in remote work because the written and oral output should be in English. It is not a problem for Filipinos, since English is a secondary language in the Philippines. It is taught from the start of the schooling of the Filipino children until their college days.

5. Western Culture
Filipinos are exposed to the Western Culture even outside of the classroom through movies, television, sports, lifestyle, and fashion. They have a deep connection and appreciation because some the culture is adapted from their colonial history. Due to this, Filipinos adapt effectively and gracefully the work-from-home jobs.

6. Highly educated
 As of June 2018, the Philippines boasts a high literacy rate of 98%. Filipinos value the importance of education in their daily lives which is why they strive to finish a degree. Because of this, the Philippines is a powerhouse of great skills and talents.

7. Ingenuity
Remote work needs someone who can offer clever solutions to clients. Filipinos are known for their positivity and resourcefulness. They can calmly offer solutions to clients, even in distress, and still solve the problem.

8. Loyalty
Employee’s loyalty can empower the company. Filipinos commit themselves to their work and nurture it with all they got. They always make sure that kindness is reciprocated and shared. They are known for staying in the same company for decades.

9. Infrastructures
Since the government recognizes outsourcing industry as one of the major jobs in the Philippines, the country has modern infrastructure facilities and new technologies. Universities have also started incorporating BPO-related training programs. This ensures the employers that Filipinos are equipped and well verse in the remote workplace.

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