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Thursday, August 23, 2018

Five Reasons PLDT Home Prepaid WiFi Make Closer Family Connections

The country’s No. 1 home broadband, PLDT Home, has now stepped up their game has they launch PLDT Home Prepaid WiFi. It is the very first prepaid broadband service that brings family closer through faster connections and ability to monitor family’s online activities in the comfort of your home.

Five Reasons PLDT Home Prepaid Wi-Fi Make Closer Family Connections
Five Reasons PLDT Home Prepaid Wi-Fi Make Closer Family Connections

Here are the five reasons why you should  avail your very own PLDT Home Prepaid WiFi:

1. PLDT Home Prepaid Wi-Fi is powered by Smart, the country’s fastest network in the Philippines. With average download speeds of 17.25 Mbps, and average upload speeds of 7.65 Mbps, you can definitely rely on PLDT Home Prepaid WiFi for all your family’s online activities. May it be for Ate and Kuya’s school research and online classes, or Mama and Papa’s online video streaming of the latest cooking recipes or basketball shows missed, the up-to-date music streaming of Bunso are also made possible no matter what genre or country the music is from. The family can also connect to their relatives and barkadas on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Whatever apps or sites, everything is fast and possible with PLDT Home Prepaid WiFi.

2. Even with all these perks PLDT Home Prepaid Home WiFi is very affordable and accessible. You can avail it at only Php1,995 in any PLDT stores and retailers nationwide. It also has a FREE 10GB valid for 7 days upon purchase. For those who want to buy the device in installment, FINTQ’s online lending platform, Lendr, you can buy the device for an initial low cash-out of Php495, followed by six weekly payments of Php370, which can be paid through any Smart Padala center, Bayad Center, ECPay, and 7-Eleven outlets.

3. What’s good about PLDT Home Prepaid Home WiFi is that not only the device itself is cheap but also the internet connection. Since it’s prepaid user will not have to worry about monthly. You can register your desired promos in the pattern of your family’s online needs. As a matter of fact, you can enjoy internet surfing for as low as Php15. With Home Boost 15, you can enjoy 1GB internet valid for one day. PLDT Home Prepaid Home WiFi is definitely budget-friendly!

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4. Living up to its name, PLDT Home Prepaid Home WiFi, is specially designed for home use. It utilizes the LTE 700MHZ band, a low frequency that easily penetrates houses and buildings. Making it deliver high-speed Internet in all parts of the home- may it be living room, kitchen, dining room, bedroom or even your bathroom.

5. Convenience is PLDT Home Prepaid WiFi’s priority. It is designed as a plug and play device which makes it easy for users to set up. You can connect up to 5 WiFi ready devices, such as smartphone, tablet and laptop, by simply plugging in the device to a power source. Aside from being small and compact it also has a stand if you prefer mounting it on the wall.

Have better connections with your family. Choose a WiFi that brings home closer together. Get your own PLDT Home Prepaid WiFi!

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