3DMark Delists Huawei Phones for Allegedly Tricking Benchmark Scores

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Having one of the best R&D teams in the industry, Huawei is making a buzz through its innovations that are focused on photography and gaming. However, the global tech company is now facing a huge accusation after AnandTech posted an article revealing its findings about various Huawei and Honor smartphones benchmarks.

3DMark Delists Huawei Phones for Allegedly Tricking Benchmark Scores
3DMark Delists Huawei Phones for Allegedly Tricking Benchmark Scores

The rocky road isn't done yet for Huawei. 3DMark – a known benchmark app – has removed several Huawei and Honor phones listings after conducting its own investigation through a private app.

Before this, AnandTech claimed that Huawei equipped its devices with a software that detects if benchmark applications are running. While running the test, it is said to push all processing power to its maximum capability, overlooking things like thermal design power recommendations. Hence, this processor-pushing software could give a tricky benchmark scores that won’t really reflect actual usage.

Huawei P20 Pro
Huawei P20 Pro

Four devices were found guilty doing this, including the Huawei P20 Pro, Huawei P20, Huawei Nova 3, and the Honor Play.

**benchmark scores when ran on public app and private app:

Benchmark Scores
Benchmark Scores

Meanwhile, Huawei has already sent a message to Android Authority to explain their side.

"Huawei always prioritizes the user experience rather than pursuing high benchmark scores – especially since there isn’t a direct connection between smartphone benchmarks and user experiences. Huawei smartphones use advanced technologies such as AI to optimize the performance of hardware, including the CPU, GPU and NPU.

When someone launches a photography app or plays a graphically-intensive game, Huawei’s intelligent software creates a smooth and stable user experience by applying the full capabilities of the hardware, while simultaneously managing the device’s temperature and power efficiency. For applications that aren’t as power intensive like browsing the web, it will only allocate the resources necessary to deliver the performance that’s needed.

In normal benchmarking scenarios, once Huawei’s software recognizes a benchmarking application, it intelligently adapts to “Performance Mode” and delivers optimum performance. Huawei is planning to provide users with access to “Performance Mode” so they can use the maximum power of their device when they need to.

Huawei – as the industry leader – is willing to work with partners to find the best benchmarking standards that can accurately evaluate the user experience."

While it’s clear that Huawei’s and Honor’s benchmark scores won’t show its actual performance, our team was able to play around with these “alleged benchmark tricksters,” including the P20 Pro and Nova 3. By that, we could still testify that the two units have good overall performance even when we heavily used it. Also, these handsets allowed us to play heavy games, such as PUBG Mobile and Tekken, without any obvious issues, lags, and heating up.

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Huawei Nova 3 and Huawei Nova 3i
Huawei Nova 3 and Huawei Nova 3i

You can check our review here:

Moreover, we couldn’t judge a smartphone's overall performance only through its benchmark results. Although these apps suggest the device’s real power capabilities, consumers still have a lot of things to consider when buying a smartphone. Luckily for Huawei, as a photography-centric brand, its camera performance could really satisfy its users. It has innovative features that would surely elevate one’s mobile photography experience, too.

This issue isn’t new, as well. In 2013, Samsung was tapped for its faulty benchmark results, while OnePlus and Meizu were also caught doing the same in 2017.

What do you think? Share your thoughts about Huawei allegedly breaking benchmark rules while it penetrates the gaming scene.

UPDATE (September 8, 2018)

In response to the published and documented benchmark score inflation by Huawei, the company has posted a statement on their website. Read it here.

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