Epson Joins Stores Asia Expo 2018 to Showcase Its Latest Offerings

Ciara Alarcon
Epson recently brought its hottest business tech offerings in this year’s Stores Asia Expo, allowing entrepreneurs to experience its array of products that can elevate their services.

Epson Joins Stores Asia Expo 2018 to Showcase Its Latest Offerings
Epson Joins Stores Asia Expo 2018 to Showcase Its Latest Offerings

Led by the Philippines Retailers Association (PRA), Stores Asia Expo shared the same spotlight with the 25th National Retailers Conference, gathering over a thousand executives of big retail companies in both local and international markets. In addition, more than a hundred exhibitors joined the said event to lay its products, services, and solutions for business enterprises.

Meanwhile, as part of the exhibit, Epson highlighted its portfolio of groundbreaking business systems that enable enterprises to meet the demands and needs of customers.

“As a tech company, Epson understands that businesses are now urged to integrate the latest digital technologies to adhere to their customers’ demands. In today's digital shift, customers  demand more engagements that is why we are constantly introducing cutting-edge products and solutions that can help not just meet their expectations but also, to exceed their vision," Eduardo Bonoan, Director of Marketing Division of Epson Philippines, addressed.

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Moreover, Epson flaunted its advanced solutions, from its range of Point-of-Sale (POS) receipt, Label, and inkjet printers, to its latest projectors such as the Interactive and LightScene projectors.

“With our obsession to details, Epson combines inventiveness in technology with equally inquisitive insight to understand, anticipate, and overcome the new and evolving challenges of our customers. We always engineer effective and compelling solutions that yield both performance gains and cutting-edge advances that enable new possibilities," Bonoan claimed.

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