11 Charged for Selling Samsung's Technology to China

Ciara Alarcon
Samsung has invested huge amount of time innovating its most hyped bendable screen, unfortunately, they found their technology being sold illegally to a Chinese company.

11 Charged for Illegally Selling Samsung's Technology to China
11 Charged for Illegally Selling Samsung's Technology to China

Although the names of the companies and individuals weren’t disclosed for legal purposes, the news already spread that a chief executive officer of a Samsung supplier together and his eight employees have received KRW 15.5 billion for unlawfully selling Samsung’s curved-edge OLED panel to the brand's rival.

Samsung Display expressed that it was “shocked at the results of the investigation by prosecutors, at a time when competitors are intensifying their technological rivalry.”

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Suwon Prosecutors also revealed that a South Korean supplier sent Samsung's “3D lamination” technology and other solution to a Chinese screen manufacturer between May and August. Obviously, this was part of their non-disclosure agreement with the Korean tech giant.

Meanwhile, Samsung spent KRW 150 billion in 6 years just to develop this technology.

What can you say? Rivalry gone wrong, isn’t it?

Source: Bloomberg

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