Netflix Now Supports Instagram Stories

Ciara Alarcon
If you’re an avid Netflix user who always wants to share what they’re currently watching on the said streaming app, then, this might be a good news for you! Netflix has officially released its new update where it allows iOS users to share their favorite titles through the Instagram Stories feature.

Netflix Now Supports Instagram Stories
Netflix Now Supports Instagram Stories

With the Netlix iOS app, users can now share titles of movies or shows to their Instagram Stories. Enjoying the feature is also user-friendly, as you simply have to click on the share button, choose Instagram Stories, customize it, and share it on your followers or close friends.

You Can Now Share What You're Watching to Instagram Stories
Instagram Stories

Just like other Instagram Stories, the title will be visible on your account for only 24 hours. However, it will come with a “Watch on Netflix” link to view it on the streaming app.

Meanwhile, the feature is currently exclusive for iOS users. Netflix, on the other hand, addressed that it will be available on Android devices later this year as well.

Have you tried it yet? Let us know if you enjoy it!

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