Xiaomi Shows Off Its Foldable Phone

Ciara Alarcon
If 2018 was tagged as the year of the notch, it seems like 2019 will start a new era, where foldable phones will be commercially available.

Xiaomi Shows Off Its Foldable Phone
Xiaomi Shows Off Its Foldable Phone

In case you’ve been living under a rock, we all know that mobile manufacturers are busy working on its own foldable devices, such as Samsung. However, we can expect that their handsets will come with hefty price tags.

Now, Xiaomi has showcased its foldable phone – a prototype unit. Known for releasing value-for-money devices, we’re excited about its pricing once it becomes official as we expect that Xiaomi’s foldable phone will be more affordable than its rivals.

The video showed that the device will come with a tablet-like size when not folded, while it will flash a smaller screen once you fold its panel.

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The device worked well during the video. This suggests that Xiaomi might launch it soon, once they are done adding more spices.

What can you say about the Xiaomi foldable phone? Are you excited?

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