Transforming Food-and-Drink Business with Epson C3510 Color Label Printer

Carmel Miguel
Bringing small and medium-sized business owners more options to transform their businesses, printing innovation leader Epson provides products to empower entrepreneurs, and one of them is the Epson ColorWorks C3510 Color Label Printer.

Transforming Food-and-Drink Business with Epson C3510 Color Label Printer
Transforming Food-and-Drink Business with Epson C3510 Color Label Printer

Poised as an efficient and safe color label printer, the Epson C3510 utilizes a patented system called the Micro Piezo printhead which uses mechanical pressure, rather than heat to print microscopic droplets of ink onto its labels, making sure that the food and drink being labeled are free from chemicals.

Created when piezoelectric elements in the printheads contract in response to an applied voltage, the mechanical pressure forces ink out of thousands of fine nozzles on the printhead at a rate of 40,000 times a second. As a result, the printer produces sharp, rich, virtually grain-free labels that put industrial size printers to shame.

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As a testimony to the convenience brought by the Epson C3510, the family of Nelly Co, the owner of a 14-venue-strong food corporation called Nathaniel’s proved that the Epson C3510 helped them expand their business, which now exports products to Japan and the US.

According to Co’s daughter Faye Nerissa, who now works as the company’s sales and marketing director, the success came as a complete surprise. And with the Epson C3510, they saved not just money, but also production time.

Epson ColorWorks C3510 Color Label Printer
Epson ColorWorks C3510 Color Label Printer

Nathaniel’s doesn’t have to meet the minimum order requirements of an external printing company and are free to print labels as and when they need them. Faye says this saves time and money, makes it easier to address any errors, and gives the company greater control over product release times.

“We no longer have to delay launches while we wait for another company to deliver our labels. It’s been great for our sales, as we can now release new products as soon as they’re ready,” she shared. “And it’s also helped us to sell more of them, as marketing is crucial to encouraging customers to try new things and the new labels look fantastic.”
“The printers also produce chemical-free, waterproof labels that are safe for our food products,” added Faye. For SMEs operating in the food industry, the importance of this feature is difficult to overstate, as is the printer’s compact size and low price.

The compact size of the Epson ColorWorks C3510 is also a plus factor since it won’t be hard to fit the said machine into a small production area.

“Our dream is to get our products into the hands of non-Filipinos in the US and Japan, two countries where we’re already popular among the local Filipino communities. And we know that the only way to do that is through sharper marketing, packaging, and labeling. We don’t think it’s going to be easy to reach that market. But based on what we know we can do with the Epson C3510 printer, we feel like we’re in with a fighting chance,” she said.

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