Four Reasons Why You Still Need a Landline at Home

Carmel Miguel
In this day and age when smartphones are our main drivers to conveniently and quickly do things, the word landline is as ‘old school’ as it gets. But more than just a thing of the past, landlines have also evolved to adapt to the latest technology, it’s just that not many people care or aware about it.

Four Reasons Why You Still Need a Landline at Home
Four Reasons Why You Still Need a Landline at Home

Remaining to be one of the means of communication one home to another, landlines are still relevant. Here are four reasons why you still need a landline at home:

1. Landlines are very reliable.

Unlike smartphones with batteries that get drained after a period of time, with landlines, there’s no need to fret about battery life or load credits. Plus, in case of emergency situations, calling 9-1-1 and other hotlines are better done and faster using landlines because with this, authorities can also immediately pinpoint the caller’s location.

2. Strong connections.

Telebabad sessions are much more enjoyable with the strong connections of landlines. And much like your mobile phone, you can now also enjoy conversations anywhere at home with cordless landline phones offered by your service providers like PLDT Home. And in case you don’t know, there are handsets which can be used 300 meters away from its base if without interference.

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3. Cost-efficient.

Most establishments in the Philippines can be reached through landline. Instead of using mobile phones which relatively cost more, better to use landlines to call for home deliveries and home-based services.  You can even save up on your bills by bundling it with your internet service such as PLDT Home which offers FREE mobile calls with your landline subscription.

4. Home design

And speaking of PLDT Home, if you’re a PLDT Home Broadband customer, you can complete your home’s communication network with a cordless landline for as low as Php79 per month. PLDT also offers free calls to Smart/TNT and Sun Numbers. And to enjoy high-quality hands-free speakerphone, caller ID display capabilities, and with up to 10 hours talk time, subscribers can also upgrade to the Basic Cordless unit.

Another option is the Premium Base unit which features longer talk times, a power fail back-up system, answering machine, intercom and transfer calls between handsets, among other, for just an additional payment of Php99 per month.

For those who’d want a more aesthetically-looking landline, the Prime Cordless is for you. On top of its amazing features, it comes in a sleek and trendy design for just an additional payment of Php199 per month.

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