MiGuard Offers Unique Products and Services for Safer Homes

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MiGuard, a technology company that provides safety and security products and services, showcases today how Filipinos can respond faster to emergency situations, criminal incidences, and unexpected calamities using MiGuard's innovative and holistic platform.

MiGuard Offers Unique Products and Services for Safer Homes
MiGuard Offers Unique Products and Services for Safer Homes

The protection of every home is crucial, and MiGuard knows this very well. MiGuard has vast security and safety devices that helps provide early detection of crimes, emergencies, and even disasters inside the homes and its surroundings. Some of these life saving devices are MiGuard Wireless IP Camera, Motion Sensors, Smoke Detector, Gas Leak Detector, Medical and SOS/Emergency Buttons. Up to 100 of these can be connected and controlled wirelessly by MiGuard Console, which monitors these devices 24/7 and provides real-time feedback and alert notification with the help MiGuard Security Mobile Application, MiGuard Website, and MiGuard Telecommunications Network.

MiGuard 24/7 Command Center
MiGuard 24/7 Command Center

But, that's not all, MiGuard also offers a very affordable, as low as 504 pesos per month, subscription-based service to Command Center that maintains open communication lines to the Philippine National Police, Bureau of Fire and Protection, and hospitals. With the said subscription, the Command Center can provide quick and appropriate response to any situation. One good example is when somebody broke into your house, the MiGuard ecosystem can easily notify the nearest police station and respond accordingly with just a simple press in the SOS/Emergency Button. Another scenario is when you have an elderly or someone sick left at home, and something went wrong, he or she can simply press the Medical Button and help will be on its way immediately.

To simplify, the benefits of subscribing to the MiGuard Command Center are as follows:

24/7 Professional Monitoring
Bridge emergency calls to proper emergency response team near the area
Notify the emergency contact persons provided
Maintain communications until responders arrive at the site

MiGuard offers very affordable Basic and Premium home security packages:

The MiGuard Basic Package costs Php23,508.80 for cash or straight card payment, and includes the following:

1 Console with built-in battery and siren
1 Wireless HD IP Camera
1 Temperature Reader and Humidity Detector
2 Remote Controls
1 PIR Motion Sensor
1 Door/Window Sensor
1 Medical Button
1 SOS/Emergency Button
1 Power Adapter
1 User manual

Meanwhile, the MiGuard Premium Package costs Php27,154.40 for cash or straight card payment, and includes the Basic Package plus 1 unit each of Smoke Detector, Gas Leak Detector, and Water Leak Detector.

If those packages are still expensive for you or you don't need all the peripherals included, you can opt to choose the Starter Kit, which includes the MiGuard Console with 2 Remote Controls plus at least one of the devices mentioned above.

To learn more, visit http://miguard.net/. For inquiries, you may contact them at (02) 7179806 or thru their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/MiGuardPhilippines/

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